New Dance Central DLC Out Now

Of most Kinect owners I have spoken to, Dance Central seems to be the stand out title that gets the most use. The same can be said in my house where 15+ hours has been racked up butt-shaking, hip-swinging, and generally looking daft. Some new DLC will be made available today, and as always the tracks chosen will split opinion. They are:

  • Chic – “Le Freak”
  • Missy Elliott – “We Run This”
  • Rick James – “Super Freak”
  • Amerie – “Heard ‘Em All”

Not really my cup of tea, but no doubt others will lap it up. All tracks weigh in at 240 MSP.

Source: Press Release



  1. Sold it because my daughter is a couch potato

  2. Not that I have the faintest interest in Dance Central, but 240 MSP… PER TRACK?

    That’s £2.06, €2.88, ¥355 or $3.00 (USD) per dance track. By comparison Rock Band 3 tracks are $1.99 (USD), or less in bundles.

    Keep that cash cow milkin’ Microsoft.

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