Microsoft Sponsor Kylie

Wow, the word is out, the one and only Kylie has shocked the world by joining forces with Microsoft. The Kinect game ‘Dance Central’ will sponsor the red-blooded womans’ Aphrodite: Les Folies European Tour 2011.


The game will rippin’ up the disco at each of the tour’s 35 stops and kids will jump at the chance to ‘Out Dance Kylie’ at the events – and then have another go and do it again. Those who are not attending the concerts (you fools) will be able to upload a video of themselves spinning around to ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ to win prizes.

The dancing queen herself has said, ‘I am delighted that Dance Central is sponsoring my European tour, it’s a perfect synergy.’

Source: MCV



  1. That picture is hilarious

    • I just found my new forum signature

  2. hail to the queen!

  3. Who’s Kylie?

  4. Some people do anything for money…
    Nice pic

  5. guess this means we wont be seeing anymore kylie on singstar.

  6. Kudos on the immense amount of song titles in the article above. How long did it take you to come up with that?

  7. Wow. No need for a solid lineup of console exclusives when you can bag an A-lister like Kylie. Its just retarded that Microsoft would think that anybody would care about this. You have lost Mass Effect! You have lost Bungie! You are losing your console lead! Killzone 3 and SOCOM (both exclusives) are going to make you lose the motion controller wars! FAIL!!!

    • Indeed, but in terms of publicity, it’s pretty shrewd. And I think, with plans like this on the cards we can see where all of that money put aside for advertising is going. Kylie draws in a crows of all ages. I’ve been to three of her concerts now and there is always kids there. Kinect will probably be aimed at them.

      • what do you mean “money put aside for advertising”? it’s the only thing MS use money for.

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