Sony: ‘Holographics For The PS3’

SCEE studio director Mick Hocking has been talking to Develop ahead of his keynote speech at the Develop Conference and has mentioned PS3 holographics. Yes, I’m as confused as you are as to how the PS3 is going to do an impression of R2-D2 but apparently Sony has the technique working.

Mick casually announced the Star Wars PS3 upgrade at the end of the interview when he was asked a question regarding 3D on mobile devices:

Well, [laughs], well, our focus absolutely is the home space right now. That’s where 3D will triumph. On the big screen is where, for the moment, players can experience 3D at its best.

However, 3D on mobile devices, and other forms of 3D, are all possible and many companies are working on them right now. We also have techniques like holographics for the PS3 that I think will be very interesting for the future 3D games.

We now have two options:

  1. Jump around Flamingo with its bum on fire squealing at the thought that the next Star Wars game will feature your very own holographic PS3 Princess Leia who is going beg for help.
  2. Realise Mick probably doesn’t mean holographic in the ‘Star Wars’ sense and the feature, whatever it is, wont be good enough to play a game of Chess (and let the Wookie win.)

Mick also revealed there are over 50 titles in development that will be released in 3D, twenty of which are in house at Sony.

Source: Develop


  1. Good to hear they are pushing lots of 3D games. That is what will drive the sales of 3D and make it the next HD

  2. Will you need an holographic TV for it to work?

    • Appaz you can buy one in about seven years time.

    • holographic projectors lol wouldnt that be a bitch if you just bought a 3d tv

  3. Just need the relevant TVs to come down in price.

  4. Yeah just after the prices of the 3D tvs come down enough that you just bought one and now feel like an idiot because you have to shell out another £3,000,000 for a holographic display

  5. OOO Sony always pushing technology, will be good to see what they come up with

    • Platforms that are easy to develop for? Nah. Never happen. :-)

  6. Soon there will space colonies and wait for it…… GUNDAM!

  7. Think we’ll be needing another usb port then! Move + Holographic gameplay = win.

  8. hmm… 3d… holographic… what’s next!?

  9. Holographic content will be a long way off, the unique (and small) 19 inch 3D tv that’s being produced in Japan or the ninty 3DS that requires no glasses is an early version of holographic imaging. The TV and the 3DS however is within the confines of two + screens and is merely a trick on the eyes. A true hologram would require particles that can react to light or suspended particles that can rearrange themselves, pre-empting the light arrangement. Even that would only be in one colour.

  10. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with, since almost everyone has a different perception and definition for “holographics.”

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