First Thor Artwork

Yes, there are one or two of us who could possibly be described as “comic nerds”. I’m not a huge Marvel fan (in general, some of their books are fantastic) but I will admit to being very interested in the upcoming Thor game. I think it may have been partly my fault that it ended up doing so well on our huge list of TSA’s Top 100 of 2011.

So when I got word of some nice shiny screens appearing, I rushed out to download them and get them up here. I know most of you aren’t as geeky as me for comic book stuff but if you don’t like it then just close the door behind you and I’ll sit here and talk with Kris about it.


The first two are from the PS3/360 version and the square one is a fairly impressive Wii screenshot.



  1. The fishnets just put me off.

  2. I thought the 3rd one looked a bit dodgy & then i woke up a bit & realised that it was for wii – Phew.
    Still need to be convinced that this will be any good though – Do i recall hearing it is being made by the same people responsible for Iron Man 1 & 2?

  3. Since when has the PS3 browser failed to show up the gallery?
    I hope this doesn’t fail.., its norse!! its rare in the games that I buy.

  4. He looks an utter pillock, so goal achieved on that part.

  5. Graphics are not everything! ;)

  6. Maybe I was wrong about Saga….
    But is making a game a game on well loved franchise original.
    If Saga mess this up I’ll be calling in The Hulk!!!

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