Killzone 3 Will Have Online Co-op

Looks like the orange-eyed cat is out of the bag, with news that Killzone 3 will have split-screen co-op when it launches in February of next year. But what about online co-op? We contacted our source to see if we could wrangle any more information about the leak, receiving the following anonymous statement.

“Guerilla Games wanted to improve on Killzone 2 in every way, which means campaign co-op. Both online and offline.”

There you have it folks. We trust our source, but expect an official statement from Sony and/or Guerrilla on this topic any day now. Until that statement is made, we understand if you want to treat this as a rumour.

Source: Dark alleyway, drenched in gloom and secrets.



  1. oooo just gets better

  2. Online co-op campaign sounds great :) Would’ve loved to have this for some parts of Killzone 2 instead of the pretty useless AI partner.

  3. okay,its official,this will be a first day purchase no matter what,now i just need to get some money…

  4. Perfect! I’ve been waiting for a good offline co-op shooter for my ps3. So far, Halo 1/2 on the original Xbox have had that crown.

  5. Sounds good, KZ3 is shaping to be a great game and R3 too.

  6. I cannot wait for this game to come out! Killzone 2 was one of the reasons I bought a PS3 in the first place!

  7. awesome so Feb huh!? dang it i guess i gotta preorder now… I loved Killzone 2.

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