Rumour: Killzone 3 To Get Co-op

Over the weekend, Spanish gaming blog NicaGamerz posted what seems to be confirmation of a split-screen co-op mode for 2011’s Killzone 3.

The photo, which we’ve posted below (seriously, can some one please get these leakers decent cameras for Christmas?), certainly shows what looks like two players on the same screen, but without video proof, this could easily be a Photoshop job.

If it is true, however, if the engine can handle split-screen same-console play, we’ll hopefully get online co-op too. It’ll also be interesting to see how the feel of the game differs from Killzone 2, where you spent some sections on your own.

In other fun Killzone 3 leak news, a whole ten minutes of dodgy-quality footage from the game’s campaign mode has also turned up online over the weekend, showing some trench warfare, and one hell of a giant Helghast mech. Enjoy:

This morning Sony has issued a brief statement on the leaks (via VG247): “We are aware of the media reports from over the weekend, but have nothing to comment on them.” Between Move support, 3D, much developed multiplayer, and now potential co-op, Killzone 3 really is shaping up to be a massive game.

Source: NicaGamerz, thanks CVG.



  1. Odd that the 2 images out of line. The player on the right is higher than the left. It would make sense to include this though, as it was so highly called for the first time.

    • It’s been done in more games the out of line images. Try to play Resident Evil 5 on HD TV and you get the same results. On the other hand if you try it on SD TV its normal splitscreen

      • I might be completely way off the mark, but it does look like the guy without the bandanna is actually crouching down.

      • Oh really? Weird. Fair enough, I’ve got resi evil but never noticed that before. I am pretty unobservant though so I wouldn’t put it past me.

      • I’d put it down to wind…the crouching that is!

    • That happens because the thwo players are looking at each other mate. Its an FPS remember…

  2. hmmmm interesting! im not watching the videos as i want to keep killzone 3’s campaign as fresh as possible

  3. LOL at the cat meowing in the background @ 04:37

    • Lmao, that cat wanted its 5 minutes of fame!

  4. Leaks wouldn’t be the same without shaky, blury cameras. Co-op sounds interesting.

  5. Even with the blurry footage it looks awesome!

  6. Coop, probably the sole reason why I would buy KZ3. Hope this one turns out to be true!

  7. Dear Santa, don’t want Killzone 3 can I just have Sev instead? Thanks, TC x

    • Dear TC, you have been naughty this year, so yeah, see you soon, Santa x

    • I meant “if video goes down”. It’s still early okay.

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