MSN’s Batman: Arkham City Teaser

MSN have posted up an exclusive glimpse at one of 2011’s most anticipated games of the year (yes, there’s one of the remaining thirty-two you can scratch off the list) – Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City.


It’s not much, but what we do see – oh, yes. Oh, yes, please! Expect more footage of the Dark Knight’s return shortly.

Thanks KillaScorp



  1. Wasn’t too impressed to be honest, but hey, it’s only a teaser of a trailer. Those “criminals” in the trailer sure look kitted out and organised.

  2. Im at workmwith no audio, First thing Ill be doing as soon as I get a 3g signal outside is watching this video

  3. His eyes…. they don’t seem right somehow.

    • That’s because he has seen things you will never see.

      • Lol the game looks good at least what one can tell from a short teaser but if it’s anything like the first it’s gonna be really good

  4. Looks like Sam Fisher to me

    • Nah bats got to him first, must be in pain

  5. This teaser trailer is teasing me to pre-order it now

  6. i cant see the video :( just blank white

  7. Oh, how I wish I was Batman.

    • I’M BATMAN!

      • Your saying it to quick, if you wanna be cool say it slow “I am the Batman” Then squint.

      • I’m saying it like Val Kilmer in Batman Forever.

    • Who doesn’t

  8. cant see the Vid,

    Anyone got a link?

  9. WooHoo – my first tip!

  10. If those are the graphics ingame…. :O

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