Uncharted 3 Promises More

It’s been a crazy day for fans of the Uncharted series. First we had the teaser trailer and then we got a look at the cover design. Now we have the official press release.


According to the Sony marketeers, Uncharted 3 will offer “bigger set-pieces and more explosive adventure” which seems a bold claim considering the landmark action and storytelling offered by the second game of the series.

We’ve also been promised deeper multiplayer aspects with more cinematic elements making the move across from the single player modes.

Perhaps most interesting are the promises of an expanded combat system: “hand-to-hand combat with multiple opponents, contextual melee attacks, and new stealth options” are all on the table. That sounds like perhaps Naughty Dog have been playing with RockSteady’s Arkham Asylum and noticed how free-flowing, multiple-opponent combat can be done really well. The stealth aspects will also be very interesting if done well (and we’re sure they will be).

Finally, the press release suggests updated visuals, even though Uncharted 2 remains one of the best looking games available. New particle and fluid effects could look even better in stereoscopic 3D!



  1. I’m hopelessly in love with UC2’s online component, though there are still improvements which need to be made. The gameplay is solid, but the actual infrastructure could do with some work (lobbies, groups etc.) Also, taking the player count from 10 to around 14 or 16 would be ace.

    Oh, oh, also the ability to upload your replays straight to Youtube!

    • All that you said is true and i hope they listen to it.

    • I agree, for the most part. Personally, I don’t think an 8 vs 8 would suit an Uncharted multiplayer. As you wouldn’t be able to run around out in the open and climb stuff, too many people to kill you. I would back up an increase to 6 vs 6 though.
      Either way, I’m really interested in seeing what they’ll do with the MP, being a sucker for the UC2 MP just like you.

      • Just discovered that, as I hoped, the number of players in online matches will be upped to a max of 12. Atleast it says so on the official playstation site, UC3 section.

    • I feel completely the same. The online was a great addition to UC2 and it is addictive. Especially as they maintain it with updates and double cash weekends often. Although I hope they put add on trophies in again, so there’s only a couple u need to get for the platinum. Uncharted remains the only games ive managed to platinum except for Burnout and AC II….

  2. Funny when you think about it. :P Uncharted 3’s main areas of exploration is going to be a desert while Jak 3 was the same. If this game turns out better than Uncharted 2 we may have the best game. Ever.

    • lets hope for some cars with machine guns and giant monsters then!

    • Im starting to assume that after Naughty Dog release UC3 they will then release Jak 4

  3. Too much UC3 awesomeness in one day…

    • Agreed. My head is about to explode with this awesome news.

  4. Probably the biggest game on my list for next year.

    Unless Diablo III gets a release date.

  5. Bring on the stealth!
    Thought UC2 was terribly overhyped, hopefully the same won’t happen again.
    UC2 was a great game, don’t get me wrong, but not the best game. It was far from perfect. Hopefully this will surpass UC2 in terms of combat. The graphics were gorgeous, but the combat let it down for me.

  6. It’s been an awesome day for Uncharted announcements. Like slipping into a warm bath but the water has been replaced by information.

    Is everyone else naked whilst reading the article? Oh.

    • No. But I might be soon ;) anyway, why does drake look different?

      • He’s one step away from going all Lawrence of Arabia on us.

      • I think it could be the constant squint, possibly because the sun would be so bright in the desert

  7. My head has now exploded, too much U3 excitement for one day.

  8. I’m sold! Counting down the days until the preorder date is announced!! lol

    • I very rarely pre-order as a game needs to be very special in order for me to do so. This will be the game i pre-order without even thinking about.

      • i’m waiting for any sort of cool specail editoins to be announced

      • If the special edition for europe is good then it will be the first special edition of a game that i’ve bought.

  9. I really liked the stealth bits of UC2, sneaking around the museum, pulling people off cliffs and whatnot, so liking the sound of this!

  10. i just pray numbers online dropped in uc2 once the chimera skins etc appeared
    as to not justify a repeat in uc3

    totally killed mp for me, which i had prev loved
    they carried over the setting from 1p so well untill invaded by outside characters
    i paid for uncharted settting not r2 etc (as it happens i cant stand resistance but not the point)

    same happened in rdr. eg now i when i play poker online am often next to a corpse as it were
    in rdr the whole media build up was around authenticity
    i actually have n/mare pack but as in UC2, when it intrudes on original concept, is not what you were sold & led to belive you would cont playing

    • i know what you mean about red dead. i don’t understand bringing in the original characters. i do like the undead pack but i’d have prefered them to have stayed seperate

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