Guillermo Del Toro Announces ‘Insane’

Guillermo del Toro has just announced his new game on the Spike Video Game Awards and has said it will contain ‘visually stunning worlds’ and ‘unique characters’. The very short announcement trailer features lots of tentacles, eyes and screaming and genuinely looks terrifying.

The bad news is the game will not be out until 2013, well over a year from now. Interesting that they have used a slightly different typeface for the “In” of “Insane” much like Sony did with inFamous. Check out the trailer below.


Source: GameTrailers



  1. 2013… I lol’ed. Why even bother.

    • Correction: 2012

      • Nah, I think it was 2013…

      • I don’t know where you get 2012 from, it was 2013.

      • I was joking from the Prototype 2 comment.

      • Ah, to late for my mind to understand jokes :P

        Getting close to 04:00 here ^^

  2. what is it about?

    • Tentacles, Eyes and Screaming.

      • Tentacles? Isn’t that Japanese for something else?

      • Close the Hentai tab, Tuffcub, focus!!!

      • Sounds like a pretty standard Saturday night.

    • Looks very Silent Hill to me.

  3. The man needs to be honoured. If we can collectively stump up the readies I’ll get the trophy made for services rendered.

    • Sorry, that ^ should have gone in the Dara story. Del Toro has enough awards. Although he is still brilliant.

  4. Volition is behind this? Awesome! Can’t wait for their new Red Faction. Will keep my eyes out for this one.

  5. I’m 12 years old and what’s this?

    anyway, looks interesting, some vaguely gameplay or game related footage would help though

  6. Love all his filmsm hope this game will be as chilling and creepy as them.

  7. Most of my sex dreams start like that. He’ll be hearing from my lawyers.

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