Del Toro: “If I Join Another Video Game, World War III Will Start”

You have to feel sorry for Guillermo del Toro, every game he has worked on has crashed and burned and with Silent Hills no longer in production he has sworn off starting any more video games.

“I have proven to be the albatross of video games,” Dek Toro told Shacknews. “I joined THQ, and THQ goes broke. I join Kojima, and Kojima leaves Konami. I have decided, in order not to destroy anyone else’s life, I have decided I will never again get involved in video games. Otherwise, I’ll join someone and his house will explode, or something.”


He also explained how far InSANE had progressed at THQ before it closed with outlines and the screenplay written, and also said that he had learned a lot from his time working with Kojima.

Del Toro went on to say that he is not adverse to video games being based on his properties and ideas, but will never be directly involved in their production.

Source: Shacknews



  1. Awww, that is a shame.

  2. Tongue-in-cheek or not, it’s not a great career move to put out to the media that this guy is toxic.

  3. I can think of a few people I’d like him to work with…

  4. Any chance he’d do some work for Tell Tale games before he quits.. ;)

  5. The curse of Del Toro, he should be banned from anything video game related. Other than maybe call of dooty…

    • I’d like a game entitled ‘The Curse of Del Toro’. A South American setting within the horror genre.

  6. It’s not just games he’s had trouble with.

    How many films has he been involved with that didn’t work out for him? He was supposed to direct The Hobbit, but that didn’t happen for him.

    At The Mountains of Madness never happened (and if anyone could do HP Lovecraft, he could).

    And a stop-motion Pinocchio with music by Nick Cave. Apparently that was a thing, because why not? And didn’t happen because there’s a bit of a pattern developing in his career.

    But at least when everything happens, he comes up with something good. Just never expect anything he’s got planned to actually happen until you see it. (Crimson Peak looks promising, but who knows what can happen in the next couple of months before it’s released?)

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