New Batman: Arkham City Trailer Is Go!

What a way to kick off the VGAs – with a new trailer for the upcoming cape’em up ‘Batman: Arkham City’.  Although it’s all CGI, there’s no denying how compelling it looks.

Source: Gametrailers



  1. Watched in on the show. It looked awesome! So many announcements and cool trailers it’s great. Just wish america had less commercials…

  2. too much lag, too many commercials, bloody annoying. You think the guys in the audience watch commercials??

    • Probably, it is the US afterall.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if some mega-corp had rented advertising space on the inside of the whole population’s eyelids so everytime they blink they see someone trying to sell something.

  3. Speechless…. AWESOME!

  4. New trailer?

    • Looks like the one posted here a while ago to me.

    • Odd goings on with the trailers – fixed now.

      • Cheers Bud

      • Still wrong for me, but ive found it on the gametrailers site.

  5. got this for £14 from shopto, since they goofed on changing the price
    Enjoy your RRP

    • for real? wow wish id seen that :|

  6. Tells me nothing, hope its not going to disappoint.

  7. Can’t wait for this, the first was one of my favourite games last year! Now all we need is Darksiders 2 and my year is complete!

    • Darksiders 2 will be awesome :D
      I like these announcements, just wish they would show some actual footage though…

  8. that was christopher lee wasn’t it?

    anyway, seems a bit less comic booky, if you know what i mean, than the last game.

    isn’t strange one of the earliest batman villains, i’ve got the first two volumes of the batman chronicles and i think he actually appeared before the joker, have to dig them out and have a look.

    also, reminds me, i have to get more of those, got the first two superman chronicles too, have to get more of those and the wonder woman chronicles.

    • Yes, Detective Comics #36 making him one of the oldest Batman enemies. I don’t actually like him much though, don’t find him particularly compelling.

  9. Awesome! 2011 is shaping up to be an expensive year…

  10. HELL to the YEAH. yes please

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