Rumour: Calendar Man in Arkham City

Calendar who? Don’t worry, not some old dear who likes to get his baps out for charity, Batman villain Calendar Man is more fixated on days and dates than well-placed muffins. Real name Julian Gregory Day (yes, there’s a multi-pun at work here), Calendar Man has been committing time and date related crimes since his first appearance back in 1958.

Thanks to an inquisitive camera-man who lingered on the Batman: Arkham City set constructed for the VGAs last week, it looks like Hugo Strange will also be joined by the rotund clock-watcher.

Calendar Man is regarded as something of a fool in Batman’s rogue gallery. How Rocksteady decide to portray him in their upcoming Batman sequel is anyone’s guess.

Source: ArkhamCity



  1. he has to be my fave batman villain apart from the Mad Hatter and Mr Freeze :D

  2. This game is high on my list of games to buy next year.

    • Yeah can’t wait for this. Next year is going to be some year for games!

  3. Just about all the most famous names from Gotham’s costumed underworld were visited in Arkham Asylum but there are several smaller characters that could be really interesting.
    Calendar Man has been shown as a bit of a joke because he doesn’t care about the result of a crime, just that it bears a relation to the date but he was also played as a psychotic genius at times.

  4. I’m sure he was teased in Arkham Asylum in an empty cell.

    • i’m sure they’ll be bringing a few of the vilains mentioned in the game. good to see a few who aren’t in the spot light getting a chance to cause a little chaos

      • Yeah I think so too, they referenced loads of villains and had a few small cameos so it wouldn’t surprise me if this guy and the others appear in some respect or another in the new one. I doubt the less well known ones will play huge roles though.

  5. I definitely remember there being a reference to him in Arkham Asylum, though I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    It’s still good to see that Rocksteady are introducing more characters out of the realms of Batman immediate fiction.

    • As mentioned above, he as an empty cell in Arkham Asylum.

  6. since it’s a whole city not just the asylum, I hope we’ll see some or the more “unstable” villains from the comic books.

  7. that’s cool batman is looking good i gotta replay through the first games!

  8. My guess is that he’s the fourth villain (boss) you kill in the game. Adding a new gameplay element to his demise.

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