ITV Player and 4OD Now Live

We mentioned it last week, and thanks to early-bird TSA riser Bodachi, we can now confirm that ITV Player and 4OD are now live.

The digital stations are only available to PS3 users in the UK, naturally, with early reports coming in that they “work a treat.” As much as streaming Coronation Street can be described as “a treat”, of course. I heard they blew a few of them up recently? As long as Sally somersaulted through the air like a clown from a circus cannon, I’m happy. Did Sally explode? Let us know in the comments.

Update: As mentioned in the RTÉ Player article, 4OD is also available to Irish PS3 users. ITV player, like the BBC Player, is not.

Thanks Bodachi


  1. ITV, boo. 4oD, awesome.

  2. Just finished watching Dexter that I put on the PS3 and there they were. ” Cool…” I said.

    • I watched the season 5 Finale last night , brilliant season but not the best ending ive ever seen . Roll on Season 6 though .

  3. What’s with the tiny front pages though (at least on my 1080p set)? How about some resolution detection chaps?

  4. Who’s Sally?

  5. Oh, come on. There’s the odd good thing on itv, like, Erm, well, there must be something right? I just can’t think of it right now…

    • It’s right there in the screenshot :)

    • Champions League… its the ONLY thing on terrestrial TV worth watching. o, and the gadget show

    • I’m a Celebrity………………..ok maybe not……

      • I’m with bajere, if it wasn’t for European away games, I would happily do away with ITV.

  6. Does 4od show film4’s films, or is it strictly channel 4 stuff?

    • It does e4 and More4 so may have Film4 on there although I if they’ve bought the rights for a movie its usually by separate negotiation to broadcast it online, so maybe not – perhaps I should have checked before answering….

      • looks like its only the 4od catch up and not the archive as there’s not much content in a to z so doubt movies will play

  7. Can someone confirm that they are actually icons on the XMB? And are they just links like iPlayer, or an actual App? I’m hoping they’re links, I don’t have much free space on my HDD.
    I’ll try 4oD tonight though, I need to catch up on Scrubs from last night.

    • Just like iplayer, links to a dedicated 4od ps3 page. Just finished watching chattyman. Awesome show, great picture.

      • Cool cheers, wanted to know that too! Best option really putting them as icons on the xmb.

      • Cheers mate.

  8. 4OD on PS3 is a watered down version its strictly Catch Up only doesn’t have all the Comedy series etc that main site has and seems to be only Channel4 no E4. Pretty poor really also its got bugs as I tried to watch Any Human Heart Episode 1 and the first thing that came up was previously on Any Human Heart so I’m guessing it wasn’t the right episode!


    • Actually on further delving into it 4OD seems to have catch up only for all channels but only British Shows. No Scrubs. Seems wierd maybe they will roll out a bigger service over time?

      • Yes, very poor. It’s like 4oD Lite

        The big advantage of 4oD over all the other catchup services was that it has archive stuff on there.

        My Sky box records stuff so I never miss it and if I do its always on later in the week anyway, but the archive stuff is awesome like every series of Shameless or Father Ted, Skins or whatever.

        A tad disappointing indeed, but only because the normal version’s content is so much better.

        Wonder if SeeSaw will come to the PS3 because that has archive

  9. Woop, Father Ted FTW!

    • Nope has no old series on strictly catch up.

  10. Nice, now I can catch up on Misfits and not have some laggy mess streamed into my eyes !

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