PS+ EU DC Universe Online Beta Confirmed

We lived in hope and it looks like our digital prayers have been answered. Confirming over on the Official PlayStation EU blog, European PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to take part in the DC Universe Online beta. Danger, Will Robinson! We hope you’ve got the space for it, though. We’re talking Doomsday proportions here.


“Due to the scale of the game, this Beta Trial will require approximately 15GB of free Hard Disk Drive (HDD) space, and can take an average of 3-4 hours to download, or potentially longer depending on your broadband internet connection. It will definitely be worth it though!”

Also, no messing about with first come first served here. All members are able to participate.

In more December PS+ treat news, SCEE are also gifting Plusites the Turbo! Pack for LittleBigPlanet PSP. It’s add-on content and it’s yours forever. Until it’s not. We’re still unsure how that whole unsubscribe thing works. Just keep sending Sony your money and everything should be fine.

Source: Official PlayStation EU blog



  1. “…take an average of 3-4 hours to download, or potentially longer depending on your broadband internet connection”

    I long for the day when it will take me, on average, 3-4 hours to download a 15Gb file. At present, it takes me 2 hours to do 1Gb.

    • You think that is bad. A month ago my internet was so slow it took an hour to do 100mb

  2. Will this work with the PSN+ auto download thingy? If I download the first part first will it automatically update tnight or have I got to sit there and let it download and instal?

    • You’ll have to do it yourself. PS+ only downloads demos it thinks you want and patches for recently played games. This is neither. Just start the download before bed/work. Done when you’re back.

  3. YES!!! Oh dear… a little bit of wee just came out.

  4. I like how I’ve not brought PS+ in a while and I’ve not lost anything I’ve downloaded. It was all the free stuff like Sam and Max and Wipeout.

    • Have you tried playing it? You could be locked out.

      • If your subscription expires, so do all the PS+ games.

  5. 15Gb! Great Scott!

    • I’m about 30 minutes into the download and it says I’m an eith of the way there. Unlike the MAG beta, you can still access the XMB to do other stuff whilst it’s downloading.

      • Whatever you do don’t stay in the XMB for too long as during that time the download pauses. This is the mistake I made when turning off the controller before I went to sleep. Woke up n it was in the same place I left it cus I must’ve accidentally pressed the PS button once before I held it in to switch the controller off. I was not impressed

  6. I think I’ll give this a whirl. If anything, it will act as a little experiment in how quickly I can annihilate my download limit

  7. Than God I have a 500GB HDD, bring it Sony!

  8. “#()”##”22£]@@£@£@£@!!!!! I went off from the ps3 because the download takes ages and what do I see when i come back? I see the xmb on the screen.then i start the game and it has just downloaded about 20%.. :(

  9. 40 mins to download 121 mb file, now a other 12 hours before I actually get to play this. God damned backward ass Irish broadband connection

    • 2 minutes to download the 121MB file. 2 hours to download the 15GB.

      Loving my backward Irish broadband connection.

  10. whoah!?! thats huge! glad the final thing comes on a disc ;)

    • I’m sure there’ll be an equally epic install involved in the final disc version as well.

      • but that won’t be reliant on the speed of your broadband.

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