PS+ EU DC Universe Online Beta Confirmed

We lived in hope and it looks like our digital prayers have been answered. Confirming over on the Official PlayStation EU blog, European PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to take part in the DC Universe Online beta. Danger, Will Robinson! We hope you’ve got the space for it, though. We’re talking Doomsday proportions here.

“Due to the scale of the game, this Beta Trial will require approximately 15GB of free Hard Disk Drive (HDD) space, and can take an average of 3-4 hours to download, or potentially longer depending on your broadband internet connection. It will definitely be worth it though!”

Also, no messing about with first come first served here. All members are able to participate.

In more December PS+ treat news, SCEE are also gifting Plusites the Turbo! Pack for LittleBigPlanet PSP. It’s add-on content and it’s yours forever. Until it’s not. We’re still unsure how that whole unsubscribe thing works. Just keep sending Sony your money and everything should be fine.

Source: Official PlayStation EU blog


  1. Oohh, I’ll give this a punt. Haven’t been interested in monthly payment games, but if I get to play it for free for a while I’ll get a taster for it and may even bite!

  2. I take it we’re no nearer to a date then? New year now, presumably.

  3. 15GB. Don’t think i’ve got that much. Oh well i’ll make space for it if i haven’t.

    • OK. I just clicked download and it said 121mb???

    • OK. I just clicked download and it said 121mb???

      • Once you start up the 121mb file, you’ll probably be prompted to either patch or download the whole thing.

      • its not a mi download the 15gb gamestake its just the program it downloads to

      • I barely understood what you just said.

    • Huh?

      Must be a mistake

      • Yep – after the 121MB you install, go in, and then it checks for “game assets”. You get a timer and, according to mine, I’ll be playing in 93 minutes!

      • What just 93minutes? For me it says 140minutes

      • For some reason my speed has been capped at 20.7kbps.


    • Might just be the installer. Okay, okay, I’ll kick it off now.

  4. Nice!!!!! But i can’t find it.Where is it?

    • Check the source link. It’s been uploaded right now. Should be live soon.

  5. Okay I think I will pass out

    15GB….. what should I save?

  6. Going to have to delete some stuff first, the curse of having a 60gb hard drive

  7. 15GB…BT will crap a brick if I even point my PS3 in that general direction!

    • LOL true story. I’ve just came back home from havin’ virgin media elsewhere and the disspointment in my download speed I cannot put in better words than what you just said :p

    • thank god i got unlimited broadband through sky!!! i knew my 500gb hdd would come in handy someday!!!

    • Yep, but i did it anyway just to annoy the fuck out of them. I think i’m already over my monthly cap anyway, so meh

  8. Well I have around 250MB left, so that’s not an option then, although I hear the hard drive upgrade bird calling … *caw … caw … caw*

    • What is the original size of the hard drive? When I bought my PS3 I was told 120MB is more than enough but she was so wrong

      • MB ??

      • Lol now I was so wrong. I meant GB but I’m sure yoo knew that

  9. Great GT5 and now this, that’s what ? 24Gb ?
    *sigh* Looks like the porn collection is gonna have to take another hit….

  10. This is what Sony needs to be doing if they want me to get PS+. Although this beta needs to be exclusive, I got to play the KZ3 beta a month before PS+’ers, and I don’t even like KZ lol.
    And 15gb? I thought the MAG Beta was big!

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