PS+ EU DC Universe Online Beta Confirmed

We lived in hope and it looks like our digital prayers have been answered. Confirming over on the Official PlayStation EU blog, European PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to take part in the DC Universe Online beta. Danger, Will Robinson! We hope you’ve got the space for it, though. We’re talking Doomsday proportions here.


“Due to the scale of the game, this Beta Trial will require approximately 15GB of free Hard Disk Drive (HDD) space, and can take an average of 3-4 hours to download, or potentially longer depending on your broadband internet connection. It will definitely be worth it though!”

Also, no messing about with first come first served here. All members are able to participate.

In more December PS+ treat news, SCEE are also gifting Plusites the Turbo! Pack for LittleBigPlanet PSP. It’s add-on content and it’s yours forever. Until it’s not. We’re still unsure how that whole unsubscribe thing works. Just keep sending Sony your money and everything should be fine.

Source: Official PlayStation EU blog



  1. finally dloaded to be greeted by msg
    u need to be logged into psn, disconnected from server
    i was logged in, rebooted same msg

    i wouldve said servers not up yet, or downtime like in mag
    however a friend on my list got connected and gave me a little rundown on options

    in beta u can make more than one character, ranging from barbarian skin to cyborg
    choose between flight or super fast ability

    will do a little searching to find out if server times available anywhere,
    as due to my friends ability to access, options servers were live tonight
    as you’ll know, when receiving a beta code via email, server downtime (if any) is enclosed in email

  2. on delving through posts at
    some have managed to but majority, that have posted at least are getting
    “Disconnected. No reply form server. You must be signed into your account and connected to the online network to play”

    no doubt servers are taking a beating. i also check official dcuo site, nothing in connection with servers atm
    im sure help is on the way
    untill then id keep trying, or wait for a possible fix

  3. all i want for christmas is an edit option, forgive my spelling above
    manged to get online, the variety of custom character options is nothing short of astonishing
    you can start a character from scratch, or use an existing dc one as a base
    if i remember reading correctly, the final version gives you one shot at this
    ironically halfway through creating my character, was kicked back to prev mentioned err page
    annoying, but slightly amused me also

    oh yeh when you load up, you have the option to play in one of two categories
    PVP (people vs people) or PVE (people vs environment)
    on reading i see the difference being…

    pvp. other users can randomly attack you,
    whereas pve, is strictly co-op
    correct me if im wrong or this is widely known, i had no knowledge in this PV jazz untill today
    & only know what i just read @ dcuo foums

    well there you go, thats enough of me blabbering on for nearly a whole page, punctuation errs incl

  4. 12 hours to download…now to work so it will have to wait till tonight. looks pretty though.

    • I’ve tried to download three times and it’s stalled on each ocassion. Going to give it one more try then give up.

  5. Just spotted this and downloading now, looks like I have a 6 hour wait ahead of me. Aren’t Sony going to get a very one sided view on the network play on this beta, no one with a shitty network connection is going to be testing it for them if they can’t get started without a 15GB download.

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