PSN App Coming Soon

You may have noticed that the EU PlayStation website has been revamped when accessed through your PS3. New layout, style, and, fittingly, Move support.


It’s all very welcome, but what about a PSN smart phone App that will let you log in to your account on the go, queue up downloads, and generally always be connected to your PlayStation profile?

TSA reader bap10 thought he might enquire, asking SCEE:

Do you think we will ever see a mobile phone app for logging into the PSN to send messages and push demos and bought items to the PS3? Or even something along those lines for the PC?

Sony’s response? Emmanuel Orssaud replied:

“I’ve got another post planned for this week which should answer your questions about the app. *wink*”

What would you like to see in an official PSN App? Pop your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll pass them on to SCEE.

Thanks, bap10.



  1. Too bad I own a smartphone with that stupid Windows Mobile.
    But I sure hope it’ll be available for my future Android.
    Which I expect, since Google and Sony are somewhat starting to work together.

  2. re-comment on queueing downloads and messaging. Also being able to add funds, change gamer pics, view trophy info (although some other apps do this already), perhaps hints/faqs on hard to get trophies?

  3. Logically I would expect this to be an Android app since all indications are that the PSPhone will be.

  4. It would be nice to check PSN on my Iphone and queu up some downloads for when I get home from work.

  5. I’ve got a feeling they might not release it on the iPhone so it would tempt avid PS3 fans to lean towards getting a new Sony Phone.
    Why does it always start raining as soon as I wanna go to the sandwich shop?!!!!!

    • I agree. I can see it being a fairly limited Android app with all the really cool features reserved for the PSPhone version

      • Would make sense, why would Sony give full access to apple devices. Unless those take over rumours rear their head again!

      • hello, what take over rumours are these???

      • Just googled it. Anyone got any idea how this would affect shares in Sony? Might be worth a look

      • Shares in Sony fluctuated a bit when the rumour first came out. Then everyone realised that Apple weren’t going to buy anyone (or at least not a big company) and everything returned to normal.

      • Shame about the shares and the fact it won’t happen although the next games console would probably cost about a grand then be outdated in 2 years time and need OSX Super Tiger Fuck Pig installing

  6. Good news, atm I use iTrophies as it allows you too see which of your friends are online, view your and their trophies etc.
    A proper PSN app with the ability to start downloads, send messages, sync trophy info and changing your profile would be great.

    • What is this iTrophies you speak of??? *opens google*

      • lol

      • Images of psn trophy addicts found in dark attics hugging the hard drive with all trophy info stored on shrilling in the creak of light……my precious!

        Just me …………….ok :/

      • Just checked it out and I’m trying my hardest not to download it or I’ll never get another bird again! lol

  7. there are loads of rubbish psn apps on android market it would be nice to get something official that works properly.

  8. So this is why Sony cannot keep secrets. What happened to the whole ‘We do not comment on rumour or speculation’, then they could kep a secret

  9. Wouldn’t it be interesting if it were Android only ;)

    Despite the smug pleasure this would bring me, it’d be a bad move on Sony’s part to ignore the idevices.

    • If you want some smug pleasure, go download Rocket Bunnies. Android only and makes my iPhone owning friends pretty jealous.

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