TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #23 Brink

When it comes to quantifying “anticipation” – which is the remit of this Top 100 – new IPs naturally get an inherent bump up the pecking order. We pretty much know what we’re going to get in Gears of War 3 and Dragon Age 2. Sure, there’ll be updates, advances in technology and newfangled bells and whistles to play with, but in terms of raw expectation, nothing beats a completely fresh and beguiling experience like the promise of a new IP.

Splash Damage’s Brink has all the hallmarks of becoming a lasting franchise for the London based studio. Through numerous developer diaries and our almost rapacious consumption of any new details about the game, we know Brink is set in a bleak future on a drowned Earth. Not that things were always languishing in deprivation, the scene of the game, a floating haven name The Ark, envisioned as a utopia; a paragon of efficiency and ecological balance. Unfortunately The Ark was only ever designed to support a population of 5,000, and when the yahoos got wind of its existence and ballooned that count up to 50,000, the pinnacle of societal structure crumbled into total anarchy we all know and love.


Two warring factions now roam The Ark; the Resistance – descendants of the riffraff who managed to locate the secret metropolis, availing of the safety it provided from rising sea-levels, and “Security” – scions of The Ark’s first police force, charged with keeping order in what was once a lawful city.

Visually the game is beautiful, the avatar creation process almost rivaling that of what some now see as the benchmark in the industry – the ill-fated APB. You can conjure up colourful and flamboyant characters on a whim, setting the car-tyre wearing freakazoids loose in a dystopian world to play, fight and generally make a nuisance of themselves to the opposing faction.

What also has our interest piqued here at TheSixthAxis is Splash Damage’s proprietary and novel SMART system. Somewhat linguistically wrestled into submission to mean “Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain”, the game’s lauded navigation mechanic is like Mirror’s Edge times a thousand. Using the environment as a launch-pad/playground, characters can vault, slide, skid and lob around the place like a hopped up Spider-Man.

The game features four classes: the Soldier (grunt), the Medic (doc), the Engineer (tech) and the Operative (hacker).

As we rush toward our top 20 most anticipated games of 2011 we’re starting to enter an arena of games that not only do we have high hopes for, but also titles that we’ll be absolutely gutted if they don’t pan out. We’re quietly confident about Brink, however, and so should you be.



  1. The queue for this at the EG expo was more than two hours long. Didn’t get to play it, however I did manage to get a word with Lead Story Writer, Ed Stern.

    Definitely on the pre-order list.

    • I waited in that, was painful. Worth it though.

  2. Only 23rd?! Outrageous! :-p

    • Agree, would have expected, and hoped, it was higher up the list. Top 10 at least.

      Makes fore interesting speculation as to what remains, and what will eventually be no.1!

    • We’ll have to wait and see what lies ahead!

    • Absolute disgrace. At least we know how to do it eh Davs :P

  3. after playing mirror’s edge i don’t think i could play another game that has that parkour thing in first person.

    and they didn’t think it was worth giving any female player characters, and i don’t think it’s worth buying a game that thinks catering to female players isn’t worth the effort.

    actually if the game was good i might still have bought it, but the whole motion sickness thing i get with some games is pulling me away from this one.

  4. A true dark horse of 2011.

    On a side note has anyone got a spare beta key that I could have :)

  5. I really wish I could get into the beta of this, I’ve been following the Dev Diary’s since they were put on the PS Store. It looks like this could be one of the best games of 2011.

  6. Yes good choice. Really looking forward to this. Lets hope the freerunning will be a tad better than mirrors edge!

  7. Surprised it’s not number 1 tbh, cant wait for this game!

    • I expect to see a lot of comments like that from here on in. A lot of the top 20 games will quite easily be some people’s personal #1.

      Remember: this top 100 was based on more than ten people voting on hundreds of games. It’s quite literally TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 as it’s a consolidated snapshot of our anticipation as a team.

      • I demand a recount! :)

      • to be honest with you the witchers my top one but i donl’t mind it being so low since no one really played the first one. also child of eden becuse something in me really wants to know what hugging a crazy purple octopuse in 3D feels like

  8. I’m actually running out of ideas what the top 10 could be. Unless there is a bunch of games that I don’t know about! Batman AC, Uncharted 3 and RAGE haven’t cropped up yet I don’t think, but other than that I out of ideas :|

  9. Having played the Beta last night I can safely say this rocks :)

    • If I were part of the Closed Beta, not saying I am or am not but If I were then Id probably be in total agreement with your statement. Not that I’m in the Closed Beta although If I were then Id probably really enjoy the Airport Map best.

      • I would concur with you, if you were indeed in the closed beta.

  10. Probably my most looked forward to FPS, along with Rage and Killzone 3..

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