Fallout: New Vegas ‘Dead Money’ Trailer

The trailer for New Vegas DLC ‘Dead Money’ has been released, and it’s certainly looking good. Taking place in ‘Sierra Madre’, an “opulent and extravagant resort that was supposed to be the greatest casino in the west”, it looks like you are being forced to do someone’s dirty work under the threat of death.

Source: Gametrailers


  1. It kind of annoys me that a developer can even think about producing DLC when the original game is still so full of bugs.

    Still, this looks like it could be good fun. Is it an XBox exclusive?

    • For now, although I’d imagine the PS3 will get it eventually.

      • If Fallout 3’s Xbox exclusivity is anything to go by, i’d say it will almost certainly be on PS3 at some point!

      • The third time I’ve said this now, haven’t you noticed the ‘Downloadable Content’ section on the main menu of the PS3 version? Just like Fallout 3, we’ll get it eventually….

      • The downloadable content part of the menu on PS3 does already have a use though. I’ve got DLC listed in mine so it doesn’t really prove your point. It means any add-on and so includes pre-order stuff.

      • I can speculate for myself. I was wondering if anything had been announced in an official capacity…

  2. That looked fantastic and that’s all I need to say on the matter.

  3. How long did us PS3 users have to wait for the dlc to be released for Fallout 3.

  4. That is a really good trailer for some really great looking DLC. Must…get…New…Vegas…

  5. I’ll wait for the GOTY or Special edition to come out this time I think.

    • Precisely. I wish I had done that with Fallout 3…

    • That would be my plan as well :)

  6. cool idea but i have a feeling it’ll be really easy. i doubt they’d make it hard if one of you dies you all die

    • or have a trophy where all members must survive to unlock

  7. Did they actually fix the game before this DLC? I heard a patch was released, but not sure if it worked.

  8. i’ll just wait for the game of the year edition :P

  9. i really liked fallout 3 great game might try this one out once i get back home

  10. This actually does look good, being a PS3 owner I’ll have to wait for the GOTY edition if I’m getting it though.

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