Dragon Age 2: Free Stuff

While I’m on the subject of Dragon Age 2 and the news wires are having a quiet weekend here’s how to get some ever-popular free stuff for the game.  These are both in-game items and fanatical followers fans of Dragon Age likely know about them already, but just in-case you don’t…

First up is Hindsight.  A Penny Arcade-created item that protects it’s wearer against whatever killed its last owner.  You can find the below video and the link to get your Penny Arcade belt here.

Once you’ve claimed your belt and head on over to your BioWare community profile page to look at your registered game promotions you’ll see the belt only shows for the PC and 360.  BioWare know about this and are working to make sure PS3 players get it too.

The second item is the Staff of Parlathan which was wielded by Hawke in one of the game’s trailers.  The staff is a family heirloom and in-game an “epic weapon”.  Originally a giveaway over the summer there were some glitches that meant not everyone was able to get hold of it.  As a result BioWare have made it available again over this holiday season.  So if you didn’t grab it before, get the staff here while you can.



  1. Thanks for the heads up

  2. “Staff of Parlathen”
    It’s Parlathan. I’ve checked.

  3. Thanks!

  4. FYI: Working linked is fubared :)

    But glad they finally replied and said they are actually working on it, it only took them around a month :P

    • Thanks, fixed now. It is a shame it took them so long to even admit there was a problem. But then they seem to have quite a few website glitches to fix. :)

  5. Too bad you have to allow EA and BioWare to send you spam, I hope they won’t take the stuff away once I click on the unsubscribe link.

  6. Wait.. is this free stuff for Dragon Age 2?

  7. awesome

  8. Great stuff – probably would have missed this – love free stuff. Wonder if they’ll make the Blood Dragon Armour that came with DAO available for PS3 copies of Mass Effect 2?

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