Monster Hunter Still King In Japan

Capcom had its stocking well and truly stuffed over the past Christmas week, with Monster Hunter shifting 404,175 units, still retaining its top spot on the charts. The ultra-popular action RPG has only been out for a month, and has nearly broken its total sales target of 3.6 million, the current count standing at 3,565,976.


To put things into perspective, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has sold more in its debut month than Dragon Quest IX did, a surprise to some as the series hasn’t even been around for a decade. Whether or not these figures strengthen the chances of an overseas release is unclear, yet following series tradition, we should be seeing American and European versions launching in mid-2011.

Unfortunately for rival publishing giant, Square-Enix, their highly-anticipated RPG, The 3rd Birthday, suffered on its opening week. Between December 20th-26th, it only managed to muster 140,000 sales, despite its positive reception by the Japanese gaming press. Landing in sixth place on the charts, The 3rd Birthday lost out to Konami’s new dating sim, AKB 1/48 Fall In Love With An Idol, which debuted in second.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Looking forward to Monster Hunter immensely :)

  2. wouldn’t it be a no brainer for sony to strike a deal with capcom and release one on the ps3.

    • If they would have done that the sales on ps3 would explode in Japan.

    • Indeed it would. However Capcom are making an exclusive MH title for the Xbox 360, which is basically a console version of Monster Hunter Frontier.

      Dualshock controls + free online via the PlayStation Network would be bliss.

      • Another Xbox exclusive :( I hope a version comes to PS3 eventually.

    • Fingers crossed for Monster Hunter 4…

    • Monster Hunter Tri was a PS3 exclusive at first then shifted to Wii when the Wii was selling loads in Japan. Now PS3 has caught up a bit and is selling well, I reckon Capcom may look at making a HD one. If not exclusive, then atleast on 360 too.

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