Killzone 3 Story Trailer Appears

Pictures – thousands of words – pictures – moving – Killzone

Sometimes you’ve just got to shut up and let the action speak for itself.


Epic just isn’t the word.

Source: NeoGAF, or it’s here on YouTube.



  1. Impressive trailer. Maybe a daft thing to say given that the visuals are stunning, but it’s the sound that makes that video. The music and effects are superb.

  2. come get ur lubbly jubbly apples & pears darling, at the elghast market

    • helghast*

    • @ E8 don’t fret, the joke was lost on this one ^….

  3. Holy CRAP!

    • i just officially wet myself!!! this will be the sweetest b’day present i hope to receive!!!

  4. This should be coming out on the 25th of February in the UK, right?
    My birthday :D.
    Was thinking of not bothering because of the lack of multiplayer for me, but this looks like a good idea for a present!

  5. can’t see it from work..

  6. The female is called ‘Jammer’ (so i assume a female hacker type – bit like DJ Katy) ;-)

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