Geohot Releases FW 3.55 PS3 Jailbreak

Geohot, the man responsible for the leaking of the PS3’s super secret security keys, has released what appears to be a ‘jailbreak’ for Firmware 3.55 PlayStation 3s.

It’s unclear what this jailbreak does at present, Geohot himself says that pirates shouldn’t waste their time, and we wouldn’t recommend anyone installs the jailbreak as the consequences are unknown.


It does appear to run from a USB stick, though, marking this release out from any previous ones, and only works on FW 3.55 with no previous homebrews working at this moment.

Source: Engadget.

Update: apparently the Jailbreak patches the firmware to allow installation of ‘signed apps’, of which there is currently only one: Geohot’s own ‘hello world’.

TheSixthAxis does not condone piracy and does not recommend the modification of your console – doing so is against the Terms of Use of the console and is possibly illegal.



  1. If only people cpuld be trusted not to pirate then all the posative things that are possible wouldnt need locked up but an idel world like that will never exist…

    • I do agree with you here… I’m hoping that all CFW authors/teams do seriously try and prevent the use of the backup apps which are inevitably going to be created by our friends, the pirates.

      Here’s to hoping for piracy prevention!

  2. Again, anti-piracy but pro-homebrew; I just wish that more of the crowd here could make this distinction instead of treating them as one and the same.

    • This! This! This!
      Couldn’t have said it better myself…
      (Sorry to all if it appears that I’m spamming the board.. Just that the ‘scene’ is a passion of mine :P)

  3. Can we lay off the personal attacks. How someone chooses to spend their time is their own choice.

    Piracy aside, the homebrew off this could be massive.

  4. I’m ok with the idea of Homebrew and hacking in principle as long as it doesn’t enable piracy or theft but the removal of OtherOs was a stinker and as i see it was brought about by GeoHotz going too far. The thing is all PS3 owners could now have a sort of Homebrew scene via OtherOs if it hadn’t been removed. You could run emulators, Firefox, document editors etc and now what’s he offering us ?… Hello friggin world..
    Ok, so this Homebrew scene might develop in time to include some great apps but only for those that are willing to risk losing out on everything else they can do with their PS3 because who knows, Sony might find a way to detect/ban/disable PS3’s running unsigned code and that would be an expensive experiment for those involved.

  5. On another note, it’s interesting how it’s gone full-cycle, from bedroom coders on Spectrums and Commadores to bedroom coders on consoles. Sony, do the right thing and get back into bed with the homebrewers (a la Net Yaroze); surely you can find a way to work the situation to your benefit?

  6. It amazes me the lengths people will go to just to not have to pay for games. If he spent more time working a good job than hacking consoles, he might be able to afford them!

    • People aren’t doing this for the piracy; go back four spaces.

    • This kind of activity, and the associated experience gained from it, nets these people jobs that are way, way above “good”.

  7. it does work and doesnt brick your console.I am running it but awaiting a backup utility

    • Be a sport.. Don’t use the backup utility. In fact, don’t even THINK of the backup utility.
      If you’re not into the whole piracy game, soon enough you WILL be dragged in.

      Support the developer!
      Don’t bother with the backup Manager – there are much better applications being developed.

  8. This guy would fit in well at arkham asylum

  9. Anyone else reckon Sony should bite the bullet and get Geohot on board to give them a hand with this sort of thing?

  10. Sony should make some sort of offical homebrew that allowed people like Geohot to make apps and stuff for ps3, as long as they don’t mess with gamefiles. That way they could keep the pirates at bay, and the hackers happy.

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