Geohot Releases FW 3.55 PS3 Jailbreak

Geohot, the man responsible for the leaking of the PS3’s super secret security keys, has released what appears to be a ‘jailbreak’ for Firmware 3.55 PlayStation 3s.

It’s unclear what this jailbreak does at present, Geohot himself says that pirates shouldn’t waste their time, and we wouldn’t recommend anyone installs the jailbreak as the consequences are unknown.

It does appear to run from a USB stick, though, marking this release out from any previous ones, and only works on FW 3.55 with no previous homebrews working at this moment.

Source: Engadget.

Update: apparently the Jailbreak patches the firmware to allow installation of ‘signed apps’, of which there is currently only one: Geohot’s own ‘hello world’.

TheSixthAxis does not condone piracy and does not recommend the modification of your console – doing so is against the Terms of Use of the console and is possibly illegal.


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      • the virus is a lie.

      • Anyone who puts down this new stuff for ps3, Please be a Dork, Please be Dork, Please Please Please be Dork or a double Dork. Get a LIFE.

    • i hope its the matrix!!! MR SMITH!!!

  2. What potential does this jailbreak have? Does it in anyway affect online, because if so Sony better do something quick.

  3. Jailbreaks make me sick…

    • Who cares. I love Jailbreaks and will put down anyone who is against them. They are cool and gives us more fun things to do with a boring system. :-P

  4. What exactly is the point in this? It’s basically an open invite to screw up your PS3’s insides! It’s like someone saying, here’s a syringe, use it if you want, but I don’t know what it will do to you! Makes no sense. Piracy harms consumers as well as developers kids!

    • Get over yourself. No it won’t screw Ps3, stop posting Cr*p.
      Piracy harms no one. If i pirate a game, i had no intention of buying it in the first place so no loss to developers.

      • If you had no intention in owning the game in the first place, then why would you even download it?

        If you seriously believe that piracy hurts no one, then you are obviously a cretin.

        They pump hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds into the production of these games, just to have tosspots come along and steal their creations.

        Whilst they will still get some sales, they won’t reach their full cash-gain potential, due to some people thinking that they can just get it for free.

        Buy the game and support the developer, cheapo.

      • If you pirate a game you weren’t going to buy no one is harmed?

        I suppose you pirate music & movies you weren’t going to buy too?
        Pretty soon you’ll buy nothing because of the way you’ve justified it to yourself.

        If this is the case I’m appalled & sickened at that attitude & everyone who partakes in it. Disgusting!

  5. I’d love to see someone create a homebrew app like Xbox had with XBMC. I bought an Xbox just to have XBMC. It was magical! Didn’t play one game on it.

    • I believe they ported it over to the PlayStation 3 before, however it used the OtherOS feature.
      Although the port was somewhat complete – due to lack of GPU support (Blocked off by Sony), it lagged like crazy.

      I’m sure though that we will see an XBMC clone in the near future ;)

    • That would be pretty cool, especially if it had .mkv support..

      • I believe the PS3 already has /some/ mkv support, so it’s not altogether unlikely.

  6. If someone can create a signed ‘backup manager & game launcher’ app using the previously released keys, they can surely run MoH, GT5 etc or any game requiring specific ‘uncracked’ firmware to run.

    There may even be the chance of being able to connect to the PSN for online gaming

    Expect 3.56 within days, closely followed by 3.57 *sigh*

    • What about just cracking open the saves and then someone building a Dropbox app for the PS3 that it syncs to when you tell it to. That would be LOVELY! :-) *wanders off into dream world*

    • I like the idea of homebrew but its not worth it considering all the trouble it’s gonna cause.

      We all knew since the first hack came out that the “backup” game feature is what interested people the most.

    • Actually, the backup managers needed the original jailbreak device to patch some syscalls (called lv2 I think) in memory to run “backups”. This jailbreak doesn’t do that, so any existing backup managers won’t work, even if they are signed.

      I assume it’ll be possible for someone to make a custom firmware that will allow backup managers but Geohot doesn’t seem interested. What would be really cool is if Sony manage to block those syscalls, because they’ve no chance of stopping fake signed apps, but then we’d have homebrew but no piracy…

  7. I’m really curious as to sony’s line of action. They said they’d release a fw update but fail0verflow was offering Sony a chance to work together. Looks like the hackers are at leasts trying to do something to prevent the piracy surge. I call it dripfeeding.

  8. I’ve been watching these jailbreak stories for many days now, as the ‘CFW’ has been coming out… And all I see if people whining and complaining about how it’s ‘bad’ or how they wish that the hacks never existed.

    I am actually GLAD that they’ve finally hacked the PS3. Not for ‘piracy’, but for the potential modifications people can do to their systems such as including ‘Cross Game Chat’, a vastly improved Internet Browser and last but not least, Homebrew.
    This might actually give Sony/PlayStation the kick that they need to actually start giving us features and improving upon older ones.

    Whilst it’s a given that piracy will eventually hit the console (Excl. PSJailbreak), I amongst many hundreds and thousands of console owners will still be supporting the developer.

    As a programmer, I would love to develop for the PlayStation 3 system, and now I am one step closer without having to max out and buy a developers license.

    And all this “Please be a virus” crap.. come on, stop whining.

    Now, as for the question that ‘Coolgr33k’ asked:
    “What potential does this jailbreak have? Does it in anyway affect online”

    It all depends on what plugins are developed for the system, if and WHEN plugins become part of the CFW. At this moment in time, the ‘jailbreak’ as you call it does not affect online in any way.
    I hope online hacks stay off the console… Just like piracy.

    • Sorry to double post.. But the ‘jailbreak’ runs.. well, nothing at this moment in time. Whilst there’s a Package Installer, It only installed ‘signed’ packages (at the moment, Demos downloaded from an external source). Emulators and other Homebrew are to come.

    • Online hacks depend on the game data files not on the PS3 OS . MW2 can be hacked for online by modifying the Mw2 patch.

      Piracy and online hacks won’t stay off. It’s PSP all over again. PSP online was ruined with plugins. Sony will fix the exploit in a new PS3 like they did with PSP GO. The best Sony can do is ban people of PSN and or PS3.

  9. Why the hell does he keep trying?

    • Boredom? A warped sense of justice? I think some people really do just need to get laid.

      • Damn, beat me by 5 seconds…

      • If you can achieve something, don’t dordle – Do it.
        I’m hoping Sony really bucks up and starts giving us more features to an already amazing system.
        If not, then the Custom Firmware Developers will (at some point).

      • He’s more famous than you, richer and in reality probably gets more hot girls than you ever will . Stop with the jealousy.

  10. Does anyone else think Geohot needs to get laid?

    • I can’t comment on his sexual activity but hacking is obviously a passionate pastime, regardless of any lack of horizontal jogging.

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