First ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Gameplay Footage

You may have noticed a higher than usual number of Nintendo posts over the weekend, and that’s because ‘Nintendo World 2011’ is happening right now in Japan.  This is where the first gameplay footage of the 3DS horror game ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ has come from, and graphically it’s looking good.  Capcom are hoping to put the ‘horror’ back into the Resident Evil franchise with this game, and it certainly looks to be less action orientated than RE four or five.  We aren’t too sure about the aiming system though, but the game is said to be nowhere near finished so hopefully any bugs will be ironed out.

Source: Gametrailers



  1. It looks pretty good
    However, i would prefer news on a PS3 Resident Evil 6 with Resident Evil 4 HD on the same disc !!

    • That would be pretty awesome, my brother keeps on going on about RE4, but I never got the chance to play it.

    • Why would you need RE4 with the sixth game? maybe They could do the same with Dmc: Ninja Theory

  2. all complaints when this eventually come out will be about the aiming system mark my words

  3. What’s so bad about the aiming system? It’s just the RE4/5 one but in 1st person. Dead Aim did the same thing and it atually worked quite well. At least you can aim and move this time. I’m glad they’e going back to the horror aspect, hopefully RE6 will follow suit.

  4. I think Dead Space has set the bar for survival/horror these days. Capcom dropped the ball with Resident Evil 5. It felt like nothing more than an action game. My favourite Resi games were RE1 and RE2 both on PS1.

  5. Recently, HD remakes are proving to be popular choices for fans. I’m a fan of Resident Evil 4 and would like an HD upgrade with trophies, online leaderboards etc
    It would aslo be a selling point for PS3 to include and HD remake with a new game. For example, Medal Of Honor with Medal Of Honour: Frontline HD on one PS3 disc

    • I’d love an HD remake of RE4 but only if it had move support. The Wii version of Re4 is by far the superior version of the game. Having that version in HD would be the dogs…

  6. Jill (or is that someone else?) sure seems to have gained some booty. Kindah feels like playing Tomb Raider :P

  7. Looks good, i must say the 3DS is good graphics wise

    • I thought that, the graphics are amazing against what I expected! The aiming and camera control is looking a bit awkward at the moment though, but as Dan said, plenty of time to tighten things up. Definitely looking forward to this!

  8. yeah, never thought I’d see such good booty dynamics in a DS game.

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