New Legends Of Troy Screenshots

Though they have tried their hands at other genres, including their attempt at a Wipeout-style racer titled Fatal Inertia, KOEI often find themselves back at square one, leaning on the prestigious Warriors franchise which has been fermenting for more than a decade now. Though it means their portfolio is narrowing in diversity, who can blame them with each instalment hitting big sales figures, especially in Japan.

Warriors: Legends of Troy, as the name suggests, takes the classic Dynasty Warriors 2 dumpling and dips it into a vat of ancient Greek gravy goodness. Though developers, KOEI Canada, assure fans it will be a different experience, previous footage as well as these screenshots suggest otherwise. The combat has a heavy focus on crowd control and combos, though the character development options are looking promising.


Legends of Troy is expected to launch in March, but with the release of Dynasty Warriors 7 in the same month, it’s likely the game will be delayed or even released ahead of schedule.



  1. This is definitely a more interesting setting for a Warriors game, I had gotten sick of the endless and repetitive Dynasty games. Hopefully they do something to break up the rapid monotony of the endless crowd control. One to keep an eye on!

  2. lol @ A-GAME-mnon

  3. Maybe they should try a warriors of history series. Would love to try my hand at reenacting some epic battles from history.

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