Legends of Troy, Dynasty Warriors 7 Delayed

This week Tecmo KOEI announced that upcoming titles Warriors: Legends of Troy, and Dynasty Warriors 7 will suffer a one week delay in the EU.


Now releasing on March 11th, Legends of Troy is brand new addition to the Warriors franchise and is the first to be developed outside of Japan by the talented folks at KOEI Canada.

Marking the 40th instalment to the Warriors lineage is the long-awaited Dynasty Warriors 7, developed by Omega Force who recently released action RPG, Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll. On April 1st, fans will be able to get their hands on what is said to be the very best addition to the series, stripping back some of the elements which ultimately doomed Dynasty Warriors 6.

The reasons for the delays are unknown though KOEI’s European community manager, Chin Soon Sun, told us that KOEI are hard at work making some final fixes to Warriors: Legends of Troy.



  1. Oo I hadn’t heard of this Legends of Troy game, it looks awesome

  2. Theres too many warriors!!! I can’t wait for DW: Gundam 3, don’t know if I’ll be buying DW7 and Troy… release dates have been cruel lately!

  3. One week? Didnt they learn from GT5 that they wont get any decent press coverage unless the delay it for two years?

  4. Hope a demo for Legends of Troy comes to the store.

  5. What a shame, I really wanted the next Dynasty Warriors (!)

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