Dynasty Warriors 7 Heading To PSP

Famitsu leaks have outed a PSP version of Dynasty Warriors 7 with the suffix ‘Special’. Apparently it will be a reworked port of the console game, and is due out in Japan this August.

Will it make it over to our shores? Perhaps; the console version did extremely well in the UK chart, but the PSP scene is nowhere near as active.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Sounds sweet, though I doubt it will release overseas. Dynasty Warriors 6 also had a Special version though it was exclusive to Japan, and with Western gamers likely turning their attention to the NGP, it would be a hard sell over here.

  2. Could be cool with a few players but sadly theres not a chance this will sell in the west.

  3. i’ve always enjoyed these games, even the gundam spin off, though sadly i’ve always sucked at them. :(
    i had fun as far as i got, which wasn’t far.

  4. Would give it a space in my psp library.

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