Second Batch Of DW7 Content Detailed

Tecmo KOEI have revealed several upcoming Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC packs which will be available to download on May 24th.

Here is a comprehensive list, including price and description:

  • Stage Pack 01 – £3.19/ 320 MSP

This pack unlocks six redesigned scenarios taken  from Dynasty Warriors 2, three for the “Yellow Turban Rebellion,” and “Hu Lao Gate,” now playable in Conquest Mode. It’s difficult to determine whether these new “stages” will actually be all-new full scale maps or just additional missions.

  • Weapon Pack 02 – £1.59/ 160 MSP

Two new, fully-upgradable weapon archetypes in the form of the Short Pike and Mace. Possibly rehashes of previously-used weapons in the franchise, though it is likely Omega Force will release images and showcase footage which could give players a better idea.

  • Costume Pack 02 – £0.79/ 80 MSP

This pack will unlock the Dynasty Warriors 5 attires for all 46 returning characters.

  • Original Costume Pack 01 – £3.99/ 400MSP

13 all-new costumes for Wei characters, including several uniforms and suits as depicting in the “School of Phoenix” DLC trailer.

There’s a nice selection to choose from as you can see, with a couple of the packs accompanied by fair price tags.

Whether or not the content will be available to PlayStation Network users hinges on whether the online store will fully operational by the 24th.

Source: Insp. Chin’s Blog



  1. well so much for the ‘free’ content they said would be coming. Though the price for the costumes of all characters for 79p is worth looking at.

    • Agreed, that is a fair price, though it will probably be the only DLC I buy.

  2. I wonder if they’ll do the same with DW: Gundam 3

  3. Dont get this game.

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