Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends Announced

Famitsu are reporting that Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends is in the works, with an anticipated Japanese release date of September 2011. Three new characters will be added to this expansion, of which we know Guo Jia is one of them.

Legend and Challenge Modes will be added, plus the ability to play as any unlocked character in the game’s main story mode (assuming you have DW7 save data).


Fingers crossed Xtreme Legends makes it over here. At launch the original game did very well in the UK chart.

Source: Koei Warriors



  1. Just how many games are there in the DW franchise?
    So is this like DLC for the original DW7 but as a full price release?

    • I’ll try and find out more. The info was taken from Japanese print, and I dont think it was very detailed.

    • Roughly 40 I reckon, though not all of them have launched in the US/EU.

      • This puts SquareEnix to shame! That’s wild.

  2. Good news, especially if Xtreme Legends goes downloadable. Looking forward to seeing the other two new characters.

  3. Wouldn’t it be Empires?

    I’ve yet to get DW7 so it wouldn’t affect me

  4. Ill get this if its reasonably priced. Koei have done this with the past few Dynasty Warriors. They realease the main game then realease an extreme legends and empires further down the line.

  5. Ok, another one….

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