Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC Trailer

Tecmo KOEI are teasing fans yet again with a new trailer, showing off the upcoming batch of DLC that will be available for Dynasty Warriors 7 (our review.) In Japan, players will have access to new BGM tracks, alternate “origin” costumes for each character, and new weapons including Xiahou Dun’s DW6 battle rod, double pike, war scythe, and throwing bombs. It’s still unclear whether these items will appear on EU/US downloadable marketplaces.

Another addition, and one we hadn’t heard of previous, is the “School of Phoenix” costume pack which takes a number of Wei characters and dresses them up in stereotypical high school attires.


The DLC’s release date and pricing has yet to be confirmed; although KOEI had previously mentioned that some of the content would be free, it’s likely that the additional weapons and “School of Phoenix” costume pack will come with a premium pricetag.



  1. Zhen Ji…schoolgirl…Bought!

    Nice to see it’s getting some free DLC too :)

  2. did they have wrestling, sailor schoolgirl uniforms and baseball in ancient china then?

    mind you they have the player character slaughtering thousands, so i guess realism isn’t the chief concern.
    will there be giant enemy crabs? ^_^

  3. I want Shu’s and Wu’s school uniforms, i’d imagine what would Lu Bu look likes maybe… a principal :D

    • Haven’t had much time to play some more DW7 since I reviewed it. If the price is right, I might get the weapon packs, just to add a little extra flare to the combat.

      • Do you buy the games or get it sponsored by a 3rd party to review it?

      • It varies from game to game, really. TSA have a number of connections with various publishers who are mostly happy to send us free “promo” copies. These are like the copies you would go out and buy in-store, but have no disc art, case or manual.

  4. I’m still waiting for Gundam 3…. hoping this is cheap soon

  5. Not three bad.

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