Warriors: Legends Of Troy Goes PS3-Exclusive In US

In a strange twist of events, it appears that KOEI Canada’s Warriors: Legends of Troy will only be released on the PlayStation 3 in NA territories. A number of fans spotted changes made to the official webpage, on which all Xbox 360 logos have been removed and there is no longer a link to pre-order that version of the game. However, US retailers including Gamestop are still listing Legends of Troy for both formats.


KOEI have yet to come forward with an official statement, though a few have suggested the reason behind the platform change is to cut the costs of distribution. However, the European schedule for WLOT remains untouched, the game still scheduled for a March 11th release.

A real upset for 360-owning KOEI fans in the states, especially as the console’s region-locking prevents them from importing the game from abroad.

Source: Warriors: Legends of Troy Official Site



  1. This will end up becoming a mistake right? unless it is distribution…

  2. I doubt this would sell well on either system. It’s releasing too close to Dynasty Warriors 7.

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