New ‘Warriors: Legends of Troy’ Screens

Tecmo Koei has been kind enough to give us a shed-load of new screens for its upcoming game ‘Warriors: Legends of Troy’. A take on the familiar tale, the game will see you do battle as the Trojans or the Greeks, with a unique storyline for each side.

Playing as heroes such as Achillies and Odysseus from Greece, as well as Hektor and Paris from Troy, you must do what you can to survive – in some cases throttling people to death with your bare hands.

Source: Press Release



  1. Whats the date! whats the date!

    I don’t know if I will be buying this… because of Gundam in the summer!!

    • It’s supposed to launch on the first week of March (here at least.) In the space of two months KOEI are releasing four of their biggest 2011 titles: Trinity, Dynasty Warriors 7, Warriors: Legends of Troy, and Samurai Warriors Chronicles.

  2. It’s definitely looking a lot better this time around. Will have to watch Troy tonight to top-up on my knowlegde.

  3. Actually looks quite interesting. Nothing in the way of variety however.

  4. just looks like a linear hack’n’slash, slightly let down :/

  5. Looks nice, but I would have liked to play as Aeneas. It seems he’s only a boss.

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