Kojima Hiring Next Generation MGS Staff

Looks like Kojima and co. are ramping up for “the Next Generation Metal Gear Solid Series,” with a recent job listing requesting applicants to join a team focusing of the future of Kojima-san’s imitable stealth franchise.

The listing seeks planners (level designers and scipters), programmers (in the area of graphics, network, plug-ins, audio and game character) and CG designers; the latter looking for talented folk with a flair for concept art, 3D character modeling, 3D stage modeling, 3D character motion design, event scene production, effect production and interface design.

Kojima Productions are explicitly after industry people with experience in PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game development. People who are currently making next-gen titles, in other words. Interested? Remember: it’s never too late to learn Japanese. Ganbatte!

Source: Konami site via Andriasang


  1. While the MG Rising footage was cool especially the sword, i haven’t seen enough of it yet to make me want it as much as a new MGS – which i haven’t even seen anything of yet!
    This is more like it for me but i wish they’d started working on it sooner! :)

    • Isn’t “Metal Gear: Rising” actually “Metal Gear Solid: Rising” therefore it is technically a new Solid game…only without the stealth elements.

      I take it your after a direct sequel, like Peace Walker was a “spiritual successor” to the series.

      • It is ‘Solid’ – the ‘solid’ part refers to the fact the games went into three dimensions, whilst the two MGs were 2D. They don’t refer to Solid Snake.

        And apparantly Rising will still have a stealth option to it, like MGS4. It’ll just once again be much easier to go loud.

      • My mistake but yes that’s what i meant. I just love the stealth gameplay of the series and want more of the same. Those wonderful frantic moments when you get spotted won’t be quite the same if you can dispatch them too readily with the blade.
        As we’ve only had one MGS game this generation i think there’s plenty of room for another helping. Either that or some HD remakes! :)

      • Ah ok, cheers for clearing that up. Now you mention it, it does sort of ring a bell. Anyway, my point below remains. I’d rather they left the “Solid Snake” part of Metal Gear alone.

      • Raiden is a ninja ; ninjas are supposed to use stealth in their missions .

  2. Metal Gear Solid or Metal Gear? I recently played through MGS4 again and I think they should end it there. If they want to carry on with the Metal Gear franchise then fair enough, but I think the “Solid” series/storyline should be closed.

    I guess though then the problem is how do you move onto the next saga without bringing in more of the old to ensure it’s still canon. We shall see I guess…

    Sorry, I’m rambling.

  3. Is that the next generation of consoles or the next generation of MGS games? I assume the later.

    Just ran the page through google translate and saw they’re looking for people to do cutscenes – bloody hell, that’ll be one hell of a job!

    • Assumption correct. As it states in the opening sentence: “the Next Generation Metal Gear Solid Series.”

  4. As much as I love metal gear, I don’t think I will ever anticipate an MGS game the same again now I know that ‘Solids’ story officially ended in mgs4. Another Big Boss story on but ps3 would be good I suppose. And if they release a Classics HD Collection of the ps2 games with trophies etc, that would be awesome!

  5. there’s always room for improvement yes snake is done pretty much but evolution does not stop.

    • Exactly and though his story is done in terms of him ‘having things to resolve’ it does not mean he cannot appear in future games as a codec contact giving his support or some sort of in-game character similar to MGS2.

      • That would be good. To see him in a game even as a codec contact would be good, but might bring back the “mgs2 resentment” that we couldn’t as play as him. I just won’t be as excited about the next generation of MGS games because I know Solid probably won’t have a part to play in it, and Kojima probably won’t be as involved as much as he used to be. They could probably do a mission from earlier in his career but then people will probably think they’re milking it. We’ll see what else they come up with.

  6. Does that mean that he want a team to make a PS4 Metal Gear Solid.. れんしょだいいち

  7. I think by next generation he means the next generation of consoles. Besides a PS3 port of Peace Walker (which I’m still hoping for) and remakes of Metal Gear 1 and 2 (Which I’m also still hoping for) there is not very much that can be done with the existing characters after Rising. Hopefuly it will take!

    • I meant next genertion of characters, not consoles! It’s still early…

  8. Drools….

  9. There’s so many different directions they could take with MGS. It dson’t even have to be about Snake or Big boss, anything they do will shurly be EPIC!

  10. Snnnaaake iiiiiin Spaaaace….

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