New Dead Space 2 Trailer Is Packed With Awesome

Nothing gets me psyched up for a game like a good trailer with some solid music. EA and Visceral have delivered on both counts with the new Dead Space 2 trailer.  It clearly shows how action packed Dead Space 2 is going to be, and for me, it’s one of the better trailers I’ve seen in the past year or so… or maybe my love for The Smashing Pumpkins is just seeping through a little bit.

Either way, have a look below and let us know what you think.

Source: YouTube


  1. I really can`t wait for this!

  2. Awesomesauce!

  3. Pre-ordered the limited edition of this last night, really excited now!

  4. Looking like all hell is breaking out a little bit more in the sequel. Demo didnt put me off and this certainly hasnt, now where to preorder from???

    • I ordered mine from zavvi at £37.95, used s voucher too to knock a little off. Happy days! Hope it at least matches the first!

    • has it for £29.99 on PS3, and £34.99 on 360.

  5. Awesome, ready to sh!t my pants soon! haha

  6. Awesome trailer… i have already preordered my copy of the game, too bad i was too late to get the plasma cutter replica…=(
    but its going to be an awsome game with or without the replica..=)

  7. I need to finish Dead Space don’t I!!

  8. Oh god it’s nearly there I am so pysched to play this for the whole weekend, Lights off and close the curtains and crank up the surround sound and lots of extra pants next to me and some fresh odour. Maybe a night light so I can see my way to the bathroom.

    • Nice dude. Gonna crank my Turtle Beach’s waay up and prolly do the same. lol

  9. AWESOOOOOOMMMEEE!! dead space is one of my all time fav games and to pair it with Smashing pumpkins which is 1 of my fav bads is just the shiiizzz! extraordinarily pumped for this game like you won’t believe it’s gonna be hard *sexual punical jk intended* to finish mass effec 2 within 7 days to get into dead space 2.. the release dates for AUS are to close together

  10. nice… still need to play the first one lol

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