Speculation: PSP2 To Abandon UMD, Goes With SD Cards

With all the recent talk about the PSP2’s upcoming reveal and Quarter 4 release date, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at how we’re actually going to get our games onto the device.

Naturally, the PSP2 is highly likely to run off the very same PlayStation Network Store as the current PlayStation Portable (and, indeed, the PS3) although with, we assume, a separate top-level category for the new device.  Backwards compatibility is almost a given, we’re hoping, and whilst we’re not expecting any fancy new trickery to be part of the deal when playing older games like Ghost of Sparta, it wouldn’t be unexpected to be able to work through Kratos’ latest adventure on the PSP2.

But that just answers the easy question: games will be delivered via the PSN, but what about physical media?

With reports surfacing overnight and this morning that the PSP2 will also feature the ability to play games that aren’t just bought on the store, we’re pretty safe suggesting that the rather ill-fated UMD format is out of the window, replaced with, we’re guessing, a memory card format – presumably SD cards, or one of Sony’s own proprietary formats like the PSPgo can use.

Thus, whilst we’re more than happy downloading games from the Store, we’re also expecting to be able to walk into GAME and pick up a little card with a cute picture on too.

Let’s hope Sony reveal all soon, and it’s all good when they do.



  1. Surely SONY would use some form of memory stick pro duo? Although, I’d prefer SD. Pro Duo cards are just too small.

    • nah I think they’ve given up on that, most of their phones come with micro SD cards nowadays

  2. yeah well i guess umds are out the window for sure.they cant hold as much data to be able to say the games will run the same as ps3s

  3. Backwards compatibility is almost a given?
    One would hope after the PS3/PS2 debacle and the PSPgo issues.

    Be surprised if Sony didn’t go for a customer card though, the immediacy of inserting a standard memory card into a PC and copying the game to distribute would be too much of a risk

    • *custom card

    • That’s what I thought. If the card fit’s into your card reader you are asking people to look for a way to access the files.

    • In fact thinking about this further

      Outside of the system’s security which Sony have proven themselves not to be great at, with the PSP being fully piratable and the PS3 collapsing within months of hacking starting on it – the only way to secure things is to have some sort of online activation of content.

      Perhaps unlike previous handheld consoles, but like the iDevices online access will be a pre-requisite of ownership, its hardly dented Apple’s sales? But instead of just having device activation there is also activation of retail games too (obviously digital games are activated at the point of downloading)

      One way of avoiding (well, reducing) piracy is actually giving the games away, which require activating after 60mins (or whatever)
      Retail games could come with a single-use code, and if people have acquired them through nefarious means – all they will have acquired is a demo which they can purchase an unlock key for from the PSN.

      This would also combat the other publisher bug-bear ‘pre-owned’

      • I like your idea.

        Pick up a mempory card from Game, etc for free or a small fee (to cover the cost of the packaging). Then if you like it register online and pay the price. It could also help boost the sales of network cards too.

      • Yeah, or the price you pay includes the single use code which must be entered online to activate the game beyond the ‘trial period’

      • I think that rather than selling generic credit for use online towards any game, I think Sony and other publishers should create specific download codes for games in the same way that most DLC is being handled with GOTY editions. It can still have box-art and manuals and won’t leave your local Game or Gamestation looking like some kind of soviet mini-market. The biggest benefit of this is that the retail price is determined by the open market so there can still be sales and competition on pricing. Any thoughts?…

    • “Backwards compatibility is almost a given?”

      Many will feel unless it supports UMD it isn’t truely “backwards compatibile” as it won’t play their old games.

      Doesn’t bother me as I’ve racked up more than enough digital PSP games.

  4. Having never played a psp, what is the problem with UMDs?

    • Not a “problem” per se, but having a disc drive means more moving parts which means more stress on the battery.

    • For one, they require a motor to spin them which will eat into your battery life.

    • Also have a bunch of different games on UMD isn’t very portable. They are also slower then having games on a memory stick.

      • Not to mention the noise that comes from them when loading. Sounds like there is a cat in there hissing! It’s rather embarrassing when on a plane or train!

    • Also, trying to change one UMD game for another one in the back of a car going down bumpy, winding country roads is very difficult.

  5. I was thinking something like the D.S. cart. but an SD card would be much cheaper. The removal of the card-reader seems even more glaring now but at least we still have USB linkage.

  6. Sony need to release news of the PSP2 soon just to stop all the rumours.

  7. If they go for a memory card format it would be interesting to know if they will leave some space on the card reserved for savegames. Playing on a different device with your savegame would be coold but now that I think about it… not that necessary… It would probably mess with Trophy Support too… Meh… forget I even asked…

  8. So most people will need a PSP and a PSP2

  9. nice!

  10. Wonder if this will push sony to put more PSP1 games on PSN or start an ‘HD bla bla bla’ craze releasing PSP1 games on memory sticks on the PSP2, as has been done with PS2 games on the PS3! Without the memory stick part obviously.

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