Sony To Announce The PSP2 On January 27th

It seems like the wait is nearly over, as reports are coming in that Sony is set to reveal the PSP2 on January 27.


VG247 ran with the news earlier, and MCV have also confirmed it is true but interestingly states it has some “exclusive industry insight” in this week’s magazine, “some of which will come as a huge surprise.”

“Publishers were informed late last year of the plans,” says the site, “with some of Sony’s biggest parties already at work on titles for the high-specced device.”

Stay tuned for more information as and when we get it.

Sources: VG247, MCV.



  1. An anouncement of an anouncement dan? thought you were better than that ;) (I am just teasing, before I get lynched)
    I am quite excited to find out how much the lil fella is going to cost me!

    • Spoken like a man that’s already sold!

    • i wouldn’t jump on the wagon just yet mate, might be full of manure. lol

      • That would be an interesting selling point :D

  2. Could be the date I decide to sell my PSP…

    • I’m keeping it just incase…

    • I still have the PSP-1000 which has the battery life of an AA battery, and produces a scratching noise everytime it loads.
      But I could never sell it :D

  3. I’m glad they’re finally deciding it does exist. I can’t wait to see the specs, I certainly getting either a PSP2 or a 3DS, but which at this point in time is still objective as I’m perfectly happy with my PSP-3000 still.

    • They really needed to make the announcement now, before the 3DS lands in shops.

      And I like the concept (?) art used for the article. Source?

      • Official PS magazine, i believe – it has appeared earlier.

  4. Why the end of the month and not at the CES that was on last week?

  5. Oooh! Exciting!

  6. No doubt trying to spoil the 3DS party. We’ll see…

    • That could be why. That reminds me, anyone read the report on the alledged price for the 3DS? Read here –>

      • Anything above £150 and I won’t even consider the 3DS based on what I’ve seen but considering the price of the most recent DSiXL it doesn’t look likely.

        A handheld console needs to offer a lot more when it breaks the £150 barrier. £180 for my PSP at launch was a lot then but I could also play my music and videos on it so it seemed value for money at the time.

        It’s hard to warrent an expensive handheld when your phone offers so much already.

      • Nintendo would be insane if they were to charge the 3DS for around £299.99

      • How much??? 300 quid! Nintendo have gone and lost a purchase if it’s anything above the 200 mark.

    • Without going into detail, take any 3DS prices you see today with a pinch of salt.

      • Intriguing. Any rumours on the PSP2 price tag, because that could really make or break it I think.

  7. One to keep an eye on. If I get anything though, it is likely to be the 3DS as I never have as much use for the higher spec gaming the PSP offers, I just like something I can dip in and out of whilst travelling.

  8. I really want one, but (and I know this is wrong and stupid) I probably wont if it doesnt have trophies like the PS3. Those things just make me enjoy a game so much more because I play them so differently.

    • I reckon it will have trophies. Can’t really see them leaving them out.

      • I wonder whether they will “merge” with your PS3trophies. Same thing for PS4 actually.

      • They’ll have be pretty confident that trophies won’t get hacked.

      • Yeh Jimmy that’s what i thought. Was the main reason PSP never had them. And with more and more hacks coming out for the PS3, I can’t imagine their confidence will be that high.

      • @Klart do you know something that we don’t? There’s a PS4 now?

  9. Better have full PSN integration!


  10. I want 2analog sticks,Great graphics,psn like ps3 with friends list and trophies and a great price because if not they have no chance too beat 3DS if the price is too high.

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