Brink’s ‘Choir of Guns’ Footage

For those who didn’t manage to get into the Brink beta*, how about a further look at Splash Damage’s dystopian title in action? Entitled “A Choir of Guns”, the footage focuses on Brink’s eclectic weaponry. Hand-guns, shotguns, rail-guns, the video is a relentless orgy of bullets and bad-assery.


Brink launches on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this spring.

*First rule of the Brink beta, you do not talk about the Brink beta.

Source: Press release



  1. That was excellent. I’m really excited about this. It’s up there with my most anticipated games of 2011.

  2. Brink looks awesome, hoping for a release date announcement soon.

  3. First rule about teaclub; you never talk about teaclub.

    • ssssshhhh, you’re breaking the ruuuuuule.

      • Well so are you for acknowledging it.

    • But you

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    • But you

  4. Hmm, I think that trailer has just made me lose a bit of excitement about Brink… Can’t quite put my finger on why but some of the animations and environments stood out to me as a little odd. Maybe its just me, maybe its just this video, I will reserve judgement til I’ve seen more..

    • I played the Beta and it is actually a very smooth game, the graphics are amazing, and maybe it was the spoiler at the end….

  5. Looks awesome. Having played Wolf: ET and ET:Quake Wars back in the day till my fingers bled, I KNOW Splash Damage know good FPS gaming.

    My ONLY worry regarding this game is the slide/shooting technique. I guess this would be the new prone. Hope it’s not overly used by scrubby players.

    COD players please stay away from Brink.

    • I must admit, as much as it looks quality sliding and jumping over things, it does look like this will be over used.

  6. I agree with “Redh3ix,” (last comment).

    There better be a cool-down on the slide-shoot technique in multiplayer.
    If not, then it will be used way too much and be such a cheap way to survive.

    Other than that, this looks like a very unique fps game that finally takes acrobatics into account.
    The story looks very compelling and interesting and multiplayer looks like it’ll be fun for quite some time.

    I’m definitely GameFlying this though, since games cost so dang much these days.

  7. I’m just about to taste some yummy Marmite now.

    • Dammit! I get reminded enough about how much you enjoy Marmite on Facebook!

    • Are you having some cheese with that Tuffcub? mmm Cheese and marmite. dammit now i fancy a Cheese and marmite sandwhich.

    • Such a tease :'(

  8. The one thing about brink which I think (and hope) I’ll be addicted to is the radial menu where you select the mission you want while in a certain area, plus the xp popping up after kills is yummy too.

  9. Although this looks good, I think id rather get COD black ops due to the main fact that most, if not all my friends own it. I doubt many of my friend will be buying this game, but I think from what ive seen, I would prefer COD anyway. However my view could change by then so lets see :D I can’t judge the game just on this trailer.

    • It depends what you’re looking for from a shooter, but personally I find the COD series the most dull and uninspiring FPS title I’ve played to date, and yet I seem to get sucked into the pre-release hype every time and end up purchasing it, then upon realising my mistake, promptly selling the damn game. I’ve promised myself “Never again!” though :/

      A game which empowers players with feature abilities according to their kill/death ratio will ALWAYS result in very poor gameplay, e.g. Chopper gunner, Nuke etc. This along with the other games “toys” of destruction simply render the game a farce from a team play perspective. I can’t tell you the number of times I was on a team whom were attacking an objective and yet I was near the ONLY person moving forward, in COD. The rest were sitting back camping kills.

      I’m heavy on team play. There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving an objective through the cooperation of team mates and strategic play. You feel like you EARN’T your win and indeed feel you EARN’T you’re kills for that round, even if you were a pawn sacrificed in order for team mates to gain ground.

      COD brought a lot of people to FPS gaming imo. Not that in itself is a bad thing, but the fact COD places great emphasis on statistics, unlocks, and perks teaches a lot of bad habits.

      • I think i’m ready to give up with CoD altogether, Modern arfare 2 really got me into it, but Black Ops is still in beta, even after the many patches, plus there is one unbalanced gun in the game (ak74u) which alot of noobs just camp with.
        I would happily see the CoD series go in decline because of the sheer cheek of releasing such a poor quality game as black ops.

  10. im prefering bulletstorm over this

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