Dead Space Armor Coming To Dragon Age II

Interesting news out of the EA camp today, as it appears you’ll be able to unlock Isaac Clark’s armor from Dead Space in Dragon Age II.  According to the BioWare website, all you have to do is purchase Dead Space 2 before March 31, 2011 and the armor code is all yours.  The only downside is that it appears to only be available after you unlock a few things in Dragon Age II, so it may not available straight from the start.  Below is a full list of what the code includes and a new trailer that shows the armor in action.

  • Ser Isaac’s Boots
    • Increases armor
    • Requires high dexterity and cunning
  • Ser Isaac’s Armor
    • Heavy Armor
    • Contains a rune slot
    • Increases armor
    • Requires high dexterity and cunning
  • Ser Isaac’s Gauntlets
    • Increases armor
    • Requires high dexterity and cunning
  • Ser Isaac’s Helm
    • Contains a rune slot
    • Increases armor
    • Critical damage factor
    • Requires high dexterity and cunning

Source: YouTubeBioWare



  1. This has just made me pre-order Dead Space 2 =)

    • The easiest money they have ever made.

  2. The sprawl called; they want isaac to return, so that the necromorphs will stop killing everyone.

  3. LOL! I love it when Isaacs all over some games hell he was in Skate 3 xD that was cool. I need to finish Dragon Age at some point.

  4. The armour looks good but i don’t want to have to buy another game just for 1 set of armour. this sounds for rogues as most of their are don’t offer that much protection. I hope this is made into a quest and will have a backstory. If the armour was avaible from the start then you would not be able to use it. I hope this is not going to be a game breaking set of armour.

    • A backstory?! ? How are they going to incorporate dead space into the dragon age storyline??

      • A Delorean and a crazy scientist is all you need.

  5. Awesome! Will not be getting this but its cool and a nice little crossover

  6. where on bioware’s site does it say buy dead space 2 before march 31 2011, all i see is the disclaimer stating the code expires on march 31 2012

  7. haha cool suit/armor.. gonna pre-order DA II soon…

  8. i have lots of games preordered i’ll have to pass.

  9. I hope i know someone that buys this, as im getting Dragon Age, and wasnt too big of a fan of the first Dead Space.

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