Crysis 2 “Better On PC” Due To Console Versions

Crytek president and creative director, Cevat Yerli, has spoken about their upcoming New York-based first person shooter and how the traditional PC version is actually benefiting from its multiplatform development.

“You have to understand that the budget for Crysis was much lower than for Crysis 2,” he says.  “We could spend much more on Crysis 2 because we expected to sell more through multiplatform development.”

PC-only gamers feeling like the PS3 and Xbox 360 are hampering videogame development can at least rest easy with Crysis 2.  “PC gamers will get a better game out of that, it isn’t just take, it’s also give,” says Yerli.

Indeed, although screenshots of the PC version are still elusive (it’s been all 360 so far) that platform will still see one worthy of the much more capable graphics cards and larger memory capacities, and that it won’t be hamstrung by ‘console control systems’:

“Crysis 2 doesn’t suffer from that, in my opinion,” he says.  “It’s superior [to Crysis] from every angle.”

Source: Edge 224.


  1. Struggling to build any real interest for this game for some reason even though I get the impression it’ll be great. Strange.

    • I’m not surprised, with so many other awesome games on the shelves and due out shortly, why should we be excited about another generic shooter…..
      I’ll be checking out reviews and hopefulll a PS3 demo before making up my mind……

    • I’m in the same frame of mind with this game as well and i think that has a lot to do with how i found Crysis to be quite boring.

    • all you ever hear about Crysis is how fantastic the graphics are nobody ever seems to comment on the gameplay…which for me was terrible, and 2 doesn’t seem to be any better judging from the multiplayer demos.

  2. Too many games, too little time. I like the look of this but it’s going to have to wait until I catch up on all the other games I’ve got at home. By then I’ll know if it’s worth the investment of my time and money.

    • Thats what i think with regard to Gran Turismo 5. Y’see, its still being worked on, so i could pick it up in a year and get the finished product and cheaper too :)

  3. Good to see that it will still hold up well on PC. Crysis was fun, at least at first (the aliens were probably the worst part about it) and the graphics are nearly unrivaled to this day. Looking forward to see how it’ll look on high settings.

  4. Looks set to become another non essential game. How different will it be from other fps?

  5. Still wish that they would re-release Crysis 1 on PS3, any news on that ?

    • That went out the window when they started work on this.

  6. I take that you would need an extremely powerful computer for this. Why not Criysis needed a supercomputer to run it.

    • Surprisingly, it’s not as demanding as the original, so more people will be able to run it.

      • You are joking! I know a guy who had managed to get cryis 1 to run on his laptop. It only lasted a few weeks but he was surpised when he did get it to run. I think he has an average laptop.

      • If his settings were high enough to get it to work, then there shouldn’t be any reason why he can’t. Also, beeje is correct; Crysis 2 is going to require less demands on the PC than the original Crysis.

      • I can play Crysis 1 max settings no AA on my £400 PC…?
        But i prefer medium 4x AA, I then get solid + smooth 60 frames per second.

        This is while I have other programs open (inluding two [email protected] clients) and no overclocking.

      • I can get my PC to run Crysis on the high settings, but not the v.high settings, for some strange reason. Maybe has something to do with the card.

      • Crysis will run on a wide range of systems, but the jump between ‘high’ settings and ‘max’ settings was astronomical. Crytek always said that the max settings weren’t intended to run on current software, but top-end gear a few years down the line……so now.

        It’s kind of annoying what they’ve done with CryEngine3 though, the demands are lower and it looks about the same, no matter how much they may try and convince us that it looks better. While Crysis was nothing more than an average game in my opinion, their work on the engine was inspired, and to see companies tethering back the progression purely because they realise they can stretch tech out over a longer period before Joe Consumer wants more is saddening.

        I hate when promising individuals and companies take this approach, the more innovators do this the slower things improve. I’m not just talking about games, but science and engineering in general; there’s too much of a business-mind involvement, and it’s stifling.

      • Crysis Warhead wasn’t coded properly to fully extrapolate the full potential hardware, I have got a radeon 5850 at 1000/4300 speeds and yet at enthusiastic settings with max AA I get 30fps!

  7. I love fps (with the exception of COD, can’t stand them) so will defo check this out.

  8. i hope its a good game

  9. Fair enough, I’m not much of a pc gamer but Crysis is a pc game at heart. I mean, I wouldn’t feel great about something like Final Fantasy going multiplatform and making the playstation version a bit dumbed down…wait

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