Evil Ryu and Oni Spotted in the Wild

Diligent Japanese arcade gamers have been hard at work shoryukening and haddukening the bejesus out of the Arcade edition of Street Fighter IV for months now. It looks like their dogged perseverance has paid off, however, as two new characters, Evil Ryu and Oni, are now unlockable in the game.

Evil Ryu has some devastating attacks, though his energy bar is reduced in an effort to give combatants a fighting chance. Oni, also handicapped with a reduced vitality bar, looks like a version of Akuma to us. That said, we’re not Street Fighter experts, so feel free to correct us in the comments below. Oni means “demon” in Japanese – if you’re interested. Yes, as in Onimusha. (Musha means warrior – anyway …)

We’ve embedded some footage of the two characters in action. Note: Capcom are pulling theses videos off the digital stage quicker than Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, so watch it now before it’s Tiger Kneed into YouTube’s giant recycle bin. Also, the characters’ endings are also shown so you may want to look away at the end.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks like Shin Akuma. Strange if they decided to give him a different name. I hope MVC3 has Cyber-Akuma.

  2. Within the realm of Street Fighter my fave characters that I am invincible with are Evil Ryu and Karai. I still blast on EX Plus Aplha which is still one hell of a game.

    Hummmmmmmm, Ha, Mitsuuuuuuuu, Hmmmmmmmm

    • I don’t actually know that quote. “Mitsu” means “honey,” as in nectar. Does it make sense in that context?

      • Obviously shops at Sainsburys. :)

      • Translated :-)

        Transportation, fireball, super fireball, transportation.

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