DC Universe Online Q&A

Earlier this week TSA reviewed SOE’s DC Universe Online, giving readers the chance to ask any questions they had about the game. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a huge response to the offer with only TSA member C_S15 taking part, but I am still more than happy to supply the answers to the questions I received:

How many characters are you allowed?


According to several members of the DCUO player-base, you are allowed to create a total of 16 characters, with a maximum of 6 per server. Sony Online Entertainment haven’t detailed any plans to extend this count or offer paid character slots.

What are the pros and cons of movement styles? Like you said, flight seems a no-brainer, but unless it has a limit as to how long you can do it, or is slower, I can’t see the downside.

Flight is the movement power most players choose, as it offers the most freedom. You can literally fly everywhere, and after unlocking a bonus ability at level 9, your flight speed will be increased. The only downside to flying is that it isn’t the most precise of travel methods. When participating in races you will have to dart through waypoints at a good speed; trying to determine when to turn, speed up/down is extremely difficult with the flight power.

Super Speed simply allows you to run at an accelerated pace and is personally my favourite of the three. You will also have the ability to run up and along surfaces as well as having an extended jump. Like Flight, at level 9 you can upgrade Super Speed, making you even faster with the added bonus of being able to covert your jump distance into an additional speed boost.

Acrobatics is basically a mixture of both Flight and Super Speed. You can climb walls and have a moderate jump distance, though until level 9 you will lack the sense of speed or freedom associated with the other two powers. Note that once upgraded you will be able to unlock a grappling hook which latches onto buildings and pulls you towards your target.

Are there any plans to increase the level cap? I can’t imagine wanting to pay that amount of money if I’m going to reach the max in about a week. Sure, fair enough I could get cooler stuff, but most of my satisfaction from these sorts of games is seeing my character grow and become stronger/better.

You sound just like me when I heard that 30 would be the level cap, and it’s no lie that when I did reached it after a week of play, I felt a little disappointed. However, after looking around I realised that an entirely new portion of the game had just opened up, including Hard Instances, Duos, and Raids. Instead of looking to gain XP, you will turn your attention to acquiring Marks as well as Renown in order to buy the very best equipment for your character.

I can’t see SOE raising the level cap until they release a significant update for the game, such as an expansion, which is very unlikely in the game’s first few months.

Feel free to send any more questions either via PM or the following e-mail adress: jim[at]thesixthaxis.com



  1. I only got my copy on Thursday after loving the beta. SOE boss John Smedley (@j_smedley) tweeted today that new content is “incoming” (along with push to talk and UI improvements), so I’m interested to see what the new content is, to get a feel for how they plan to support the game ongoing.

    • For someone like myself who intends to subscribe every other month, monthly content is one of the main factors brining me in. If that content turns out to be novelty cosmetic items instead of mission packs and Instances, I would be very disappointed.

  2. It’s a real shame this game is so heavily overpriced as I’d like to give it a go. Not going to happen though. They need to either sell the disc cheaper or reduce the sub. 40 quid the a tenner a month is just too much for me, and most other people too.

    • Compared to other MMOs it is priced accordingly. It may appear over-priced to console-only gamers, but to people who’ve been paying subs for MMOs for years there was no surprise when the pricing model was released.

    • Precisely, and I assume that PlayStation 3 games cost more to manufacture than PC games, hence the RRP tag for the DCUO disc.

  3. awwww I was the only one? :( Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions :)

    • No problem ;) Thanks for submitting your questions.

  4. I think the cap is pretty low even if it will be extended in the future. Like with Final Fantasy you can go for 70-80 hours before you are maxed out. I like being able to sink that much time into a game and continue to get stronger and improve my arsenal while doing so.
    I dont have the game yet but it will happen, might hold on until the cap is increased (if it is increased)and hopefully there will be players around doing the same as me. Then again, i impulse buy a fair amount so who knows, could be playing this in the next couple of weeks.

  5. the fact you can level to the cap within a week is not a good sign, but it would be excusable if the endgame content was compelling, but sadly it seems to be more of the same with the difficulty ramped up to insane levels, and no being skilled doesn’t help, not when you can be killed in one or two shots by one enemy and there are usually groups of four or five, or more at times.

    you’re left doing the same missions you did levelling, again, and again, and again, to get enough marks to buy the gear you need with the stats to survive the harder endgame stuff.

    i tried a duo, no chance, we couldn’t beat the first group of enemies we came to.

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