I Am Alive Now a Digital Download Title?

According to this French video below, Ubisoft’s earthquake survival game, I Am Alive, is no longer a retail title, with the publisher now planning on launching the game as download only on PSN and Xbox LIVE instead.

Plagued with issues since its inception (original studio Darkworks are now “I Am Fired”, with the development duties subsequently handed over to Ubisoft Shanghai), the game also suffered numerous well-publicised delays.

Our French is très mauvais, but the game’s new digital status is apparently confirmed around the ten minute mark below. Can any of our French readers provide a direct translation? That would be incroyable. (Thanks ryousuke).

Regardless, how this decision impacts the game’s final quality remains to be seen. We were quite looking forward to it.

Note: As we don’t speak the language we are going on what other people are reporting regarding the veracity of this story (though ryousuke reckons it’s spot on). The dude could have said “Yeah, I Am Alive, awesome game, coming along nicely” for all we know. We’re expecting an update from Ubisoft today.

Source: JeuxVideo


  1. I was very excited by this game but all these problems have really put me off. Last game I was keen to play that had these types of problem during development was Haze and we all know how that turned out :(
    If it’s cheap enough or reviews well, I’ll still go for it but at the moment, it’s a no go.

  2. this worries me…
    not that it will be DL only, there are some really great games which are DL only, but the whole story about the problemsthey encountered… i just have an impression they couldnt bother to finish the game “properly” and now try to get what they have out there without any further costs and see if they cant make a small profit.
    which would be a shame, i was really looking forward for it since the first trailer. lets hope im wrong :)

  3. Never, ever, EVER trust a man who has his own face on his t-shirt.

  4. Alright, this was just a joke from jeuxvideo.fr..

    The explanation is here : http://www.jeuxvideo.fr/jeux/i-am-alive/insolite-am-alive-jade-raymond-web-mondial-bateau-actu-394728.html

    “Kevin improvises a story about a relationship he enjoyed with Jade Raymond and which would have allowed him to get this info. Obviously, anyone who has watched Warpzone immediately understood it was a joke.”

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