I Am Alive Now a Digital Download Title?

According to this French video below, Ubisoft’s earthquake survival game, I Am Alive, is no longer a retail title, with the publisher now planning on launching the game as download only on PSN and Xbox LIVE instead.

Plagued with issues since its inception (original studio Darkworks are now “I Am Fired”, with the development duties subsequently handed over to Ubisoft Shanghai), the game also suffered numerous well-publicised delays.

Our French is très mauvais, but the game’s new digital status is apparently confirmed around the ten minute mark below. Can any of our French readers provide a direct translation? That would be incroyable. (Thanks ryousuke).

Regardless, how this decision impacts the game’s final quality remains to be seen. We were quite looking forward to it.

Note: As we don’t speak the language we are going on what other people are reporting regarding the veracity of this story (though ryousuke reckons it’s spot on). The dude could have said “Yeah, I Am Alive, awesome game, coming along nicely” for all we know. We’re expecting an update from Ubisoft today.

Source: JeuxVideo


  1. Well it can be solid as a download title, and greatly increases my odds of buying it.

  2. I was always quite intrigued with this and as halbpro said, digital only makes it more likely I’ll give it a go.

    You know, if it’s any good that is…

  3. I’m french, and yes it seems the game will only be available that way. Other french websites said it as well so I guess it’s true.

  4. damn, cant see the video, will be keeping an eye out for reviews.

  5. Video place-holder is just black. Absolutely nothing there. Just me or is everyone getting this?

    • Fine for me. Your browser may just not like JeuxVideo’s format.

    • I’ve got sound and about 5 frames in total

  6. Mine’s working fine boss, although my lack of french is inhibiting my viewing pleasure!

  7. Don’t have tinme to transcribe it and translate guys but yeah the basic message it; it was shit full of problems, it will come this year only on digital download though no physical copies will go on sale (because he thinks ubisoft think it’s not worth it (I think)).

  8. Never mind about that, the clip presented at around the 5 minute mark is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen… :D

    • yeah, pretty hilarious! :)

    • The full thing is on YouTube. It’s a guy playing Amnesia with his mates on Skype talking to him. It’s real, too, allegedly.


      • Yeah, I found it too, and it’s a bunch of similar videos there as well – I nearly died from laughing just then!

    • Funny as hell! Makes me wanna play that game too.

  9. What the hell am I watching :/

  10. Downloadable title? Excellent, I await the extremely bloated price tag ;)

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