Second CGI DC Universe Online Trailer

Just before Christmas, Sony Online Entertainment stunned the gaming realm with their CGI trailer for DCUO, created by Blur studio. Today, a second trailer has been released, depicting the events after the Brainiac invasion, and it’s just as awesome, including a sinister twist at the end.

Originally we had thought that Lex Luthor was the sole survivor after the attack of Brainiac’s fleet, though it appears Batman also survived, despite being tortured by Deathstroke and The Joker in the previous trailer. Another interesting addition is Fracture, presumably one of the last humans who Lex took under his wing and the first person to be given superpowers by the Exobytes.


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Source: IGN



  1. Of course he survived, he’s fucking Batman. He probably survived the explosion too.

    • Yeah, speaking of Batman going to see it LIVE in SECC on August =D
      This is very weird I’m wearing a batman t-shirt xD

  2. Shit me that was awesome! I need this game…damn you LBP2 and ME2!

    • The censoring didn’t work there as I would have expected…

  3. Pinned; I’m at work right now, but pretty excited to see this!

  4. Gotta admit, it looks good, very good indeedy

  5. He’s alive nothing seems to kill him, his new name should be The Cockroach

  6. How sweet would it be if they made a CGI movie out of this

    • I second that. Not really interested in DC Universe Online but I would so watch a CGI movie of it.

  7. Would be great if theres a fallow up video soon, has Batman survived the blast? What are lex’s goals?

    It would be great if this was made into a movie

    • It’s hard to tell if this will be a mini-series of trailers.

      The purpose of #2 was to fill in a plot hole, though it has brought out the sinister side in Lex, and leads me to question whether he has a hidden agenda which will reveal itself in the actual game (as future content.)

  8. i wonder if they keep making these they’ll have enough for a feature.

    anyway, bloody awesome video.
    they just need to put it on the store in hd.

  9. if they keep these trailers coming out they could get more peeps into it…i personally like the trailers as they are class!!!!

  10. With every DCU:O trailer I see, I’m one step closer to buying it. Really looks quite awesome.

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