Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money Dated For PS3/PC

Already hitting those fruit-machines pretty hard on the Xbox 360 since December, Fallout: New Vegas DLC Dead Money has now received a February 22nd street-date for the PS3 and PC.


In other DLC news, three further DLC packs for New Vegas have also been announced. Unlike Dead Money, however, it would appear Microsoft have not secured any time-exclusivity rights. From the press release:

In addition to Dead Money, we will be releasing three additional add-on packs in the coming months. These packs will launch simultaneously on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source: Press release



  1. Any news on pricing at all?

    • I’ve asked.

      • Good man! I am guessing it’ll be somewhere around the same price as the Fallout 3 packs, which i believe were around £7.99.

      • Reply received: “Not yet.”

      • any news on the amount of DLC to be released?
        i’d prefer ‘a lot’ compared to ‘a few’

    • £7.99 like Fallout 3 no doubt

  2. About bloody time! Time to get this game!

    • it was time to get the game when it first came out, having DLC doesnt make a game great, the original content of the game makes it great

  3. I really hope format exclusive dlc (whether it’s timed or not) falls by the wayside. Really does send a mixed message to those with the game on other formats.

  4. I won’t be buying any DLC for this game as I don’t really want to support the developers in releasing such a rushed product.

    COMPLETELY off topic has anyone else who has plus got any idea where the themes went this month?!

    • Why do you think it was ‘rushed’?

      • Well it came out a couple of years after Fallout 3 and used the same game engine so they save a lot of time not having to rebuild and design everything. Yet despite this it was still filled with bugs and glitches.

        The story and side missions were pretty unoriginal compared with the last and I was walking around the game hoping for a surprise yet nothing really jumped out at me.

        I believe it’s an improvement in story and gameplay to 3 but with the incredibly short and tedious radio stations, bad graphics and bugs and tedious missions and gambling aspects I believe they should have done so much more.

      • “The story and side missions were pretty unoriginal compared with the last”

        “I believe it’s an improvement in story”

        Contradiction much :P

      • I meant the overall gameplay story was better however the random encounters aspects were dull and unoriginal.

  5. Well two months is rather less than a year. I guess Microsoft didn’t have such deep pockets this time.

    • They’ve spent them all on Kinect-o-matic.

    • hardly seems worth them paying for an exclusivity window that short.

    • we’re EU, it’ll still get delayed..

  6. Any old excuse to get back to New Vegas, hoping for a PS+ discount at least.

  7. Sold my copy a little while ago but I’m expecting a GotY edition so if one surfaces, I’ll get that with this and forthcoming DLC on.

  8. great to see the DLC finally coming, ive put about 6 hours into the game so far and i havnt even completed the second mission :P so ive got a lot of games to play in the following months

  9. I’m still yet to get this due to all of the bugs that was reported on at launch. Have these been patched out yet???

    • well the only bug ive seen in 6 hours was someone sitting on an invisble chair, there was a patch though i think ;)

      • The same happened when I played through Fallout 3. People spoke about a ton of bugs, but the ones I came across were minor. I’ll be getting NV when I have more money to play with.

    • i’ve had two minor crashes and seen a few floating super mutants, but my game seems fine…

  10. Just got the Plat on Fallout: New Vegas, great game.

    Traded it in the other day, but i’ll buy the GOTY version later on in the year to play all the DLC’s, its what I did with Fallout 3.

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