Cut The Rope Shifts 6 Million Copies

Cut The Rope, the cute, unassuming puzzler that completely took the App Store by storm last year, has sold over six million copies, publisher Chillingo has told us tonight.

The game’s a brilliantly addictive title that sees the player slicing up the titular rope in order to feed the cute little green monster Om Nom his candy, and has remained firmly routed in the top 25 charts since launch.

In addition, the next update, version 1.2, will add twenty-five brand new Valentine’s themed levels, with heart shaped split candy and brand new artwork.  You can see a glimpse of the new update below.

You can buy Cut The Rope here, for just 59p.


  1. I found this game mildly amusing for 10 minutes, then got bored, I may give it another go soon. It’s ok, not as fun as Angry Birds, Tower Raiders or Game Dev Story.

  2. Loved this game for the first few weeks of playing it and then got annoyed with the slow drip of level packs (like I do with similar titles), might give it a shot soon and see if I can beat the scores everyone else have made. :P

    BTW any news on a WaiWai Game Dealer (Kairosoft/GameDev) release date or a date for Infinity Blades next update ?

  3. Android port please.
    ‘Rope cut’ isn’t cutting the rope cutting mustard.

  4. I love this game. I like the challenges provided in each level.
    While the levels last I actually prefer it over Angry Birds.

  5. Good fun cut the rope, or at least it was until I lost my iPhone :-(

  6. Such a great game with a great price tag too. Will definitely get back to it after I’ve finished with Dead Space and Madden.

  7. Best game on OS, easily!

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