Cut The Rope To Get Sequel

Cut The Rope was one of Chillingo’s better deals, publishing the ZeptoLab puzzler on the iPhone and creating a hugely successful game (and a semi-sequel add-on title).  For 69p, you really can’t get better value if cute brain teasers are your thing.

[drop2]And now there’s going to be a sequel.  IGN has a few bits of art, but the key is that the game will still feature the lovable Om Nom character but will be more story driven and will introduce a second character, dubbed The Professor.


You’ll see from the shot to the right that there’s going to be more elements to the game, this one looks like a photograph from an album that you can ‘share’, presumably as a reward for completing a certain mission.

We can also assume that Om Nom finally escapes his boxes in this game, some of the storyboard shots that IGN have suggest that this Professor chap might be taking the little green critter out into the big wide world.  We’ll see.

There’s also going to be a graphic novel produced, so fans can look forward to lots more Cut The Rope soon.



  1. Cut the Rope is one of the best apps to date, so much fun :) love to see another one. But theres a few annoying bits on it such as when the rope is swinging and you just want to go straight down and find yourself waiting a minute for the rope to stop moving so you can safely cut it, cant you just stop it from moving?

    • Just time your cut while it’s swinging around. No risk no fun? :D

  2. Yes. I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while. The extra boxes to CutTheRope were good but i’d prefer at sequel.

    Thanks Chillingo.

  3. I love playing this on my HTC Sensation it was also a massive 7p cheaper . Wait a minute it doesn’t mention Android above ? I hope we get the sequel too . This is way more fun than angry birds.

    • Whoops my mistake this is in the Idevice section !

  4. Loved Cut the Rope. Great little time sink whilst waiting for a train/ bus etc. will definately buy the sequal.

  5. Right game with an awesome greedy monster. Love cut the rope..

  6. Definately one of the better games I have for my iPhone. I’ll be getting this for sure.

  7. Great to know they’re expanding the game as it’s a belter for the iPhone (and other mobiles, etc). I recently finished Cut The Rope and am hankering after something new.

    Good on them for pushing into new directions.

  8. Currently playing through the latest box on Cut the Rope and loving it. Hope the sequel is just as good.

  9. Puzzle games piss me off something wicked. I tried Echocrome for like 5 minutes and was ready to break my controller. But Cut The Rop, while not on the scale of Echocrome, was a lot of fun to play. I can’t wait for the sequel to drop. Chillingo, get ready to get some more of my money!

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