Final Fantasy Concert Coming Soon to DVD

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy will be released on DVD on April 1st. This new release of Distant Worlds features music from the entire Returning Home concert that took place in Japan last November. Prepare yourself for 27 tracks of Final Fantasy bliss.


The Returning Home concert features many fan favorite themes like “One-Winged Angel” from Final Fantasy VII and includes the world premieres of music from Final Fantasy XIII and XIV. There’s really nothing better than hearing your favorite tracks being performed by a symphony orchestra. I highly recommend going to one of these concerts if you ever get a chance. It’s a very personal and beautiful experience that you will never forget.

What’s great about this release is that it includes all of the music on 2 CDs in addition to the DVD. The complete set will be available for $29.99 and can be purchased from Amazon (US and UK) starting on April 1st.

Here’s the full tracklist:

Disc 1:

  1. One-Winged Angel [Final Fantasy VII]
  2. Victory Theme [Final Fantasy]
  3. Don’t be Afraid [Final Fantasy VIII]
  4. Final Fantasy I~III Medley 2010 [Final Fantasy I-III]
  5. Love Grows [Final Fantasy VIII] (Guest pianist: Benyamin Nuss)
  6. Ronfaure [Final Fantasy XI]
  7. J-E-N-O-V-A [Final Fantasy VII]
  8. Dear Friends [Final Fantasy V] (Guest guitarist: Meng-Feng Su)
  9. Vamo’ alla flamenco [Final Fantasy IX] (Guest guitarist: Meng-Feng Su)
  10. Aerith’s Theme [Final Fantasy VII]
  11. Chocobo Medley 2010 [Final Fantasy series]

Disc 2:

  1. Opening ~ Bombing Mission [Final Fantasy VII]
  2. Zanarkand [Final Fantasy X]
  3. Those Who Fight [Final Fantasy VII] (Guest pianist: Benyamin Nuss)
  4. Dancing Mad [Final Fantasy VI]
  5. Blinded by Light [Final Fantasy XIII]
  6. Fang’s Theme [Final Fantasy XIII]
  7. March of the Dreadnoughts! [Final Fantasy XIII] (Guest pianist: Benyamin Nuss)
  8. Fabula Nova Crystallis [Final Fantasy XIII] (Guest vocalist: Frances Maya)
  9. Saber’s Edge [Final Fantasy XIII]
  10. Navigator’s Glory ~The Theme of Limsa Lominsa~ [Final Fantasy XIV]
  11. Twilight Over Thanalan [Final Fantasy XIV]
  12. Answers [Final Fantasy XIV] (Guest vocalist: Susan Calloway)
  13. Primal Judgment [Final Fantasy XIV]
  14. The Man with the Machine Gun [Final Fantasy VIII]
  15. Tina’s Theme [Final Fantasy VI]
  16. Encore: Clash on the Big Bridge [Final Fantasy V]

Music from both Distant Worlds concerts can also be streamed free of charge from the official website. While it doesn’t include all of the tracks from Returning Home, it’s definitely a great starting point to you can familiarize yourself with the music.

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  2. To Zanarkand is and will always be one of my favourite songs ever. In fact, keep your ears and eyes open for an upcoming nuTSAck special ;-) I only wish they would bring distant worlds to Ireland!

  3. cool.
    i’ve seen some of these on youtube and they are fantastic.

    aerith’s theme especially, performed orchestrally, is just beautiful.

    i’d love to go to one of those concerts, hear it live.

    if there’s one thing i really missed playing ffxiii, it was Nobuo Uematsu’s music

  4. FFVII music is amazing. I bought the album of 7 off iTunes.

  5. Listen to Suteki da ne on the website, it’s on the distant worlds II CD and is abostively fantastic!

    • i prefer the japanese version myself.

  6. I’d rather see The Black Mages to be honest, but still a pretty sweet boxset. Fascinating/sad fact… Mrs ses and I walked up the aisle to the crystal theme.

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