Kevin Butler Tweets The PS3 Jailbreak Code

Kevin Butler, what have you done? Sony are launching law suits, restraining orders and other legal challenges against anyone trying to hack the PS3 and you go and tweet the full PS3 dongle key.


It’s not entirely Kevin’s fault (he is a fictional character after all), a very naughty man called Travis La Marr, aka @exiva, tweeted the entire key to Kevin with the taunting line, “Come at me.” Kevin was obviously unaware of the significance of the code and retweeted it, adding “Lemme guess.. you sank my battleship?”

The tweet has now been deleted from Kevin’s account and we hear he has been demoted to Jack Tretton’s tea boy for a week before starting his new role as ‘Vice President of Being A Bit More Careful.’

Source: Engadget



  1. Oh Kevin, you rogue!

  2. He knew what he was doing, he’s a secret pirate whose infiltrated Sony and risen to the top to erode them from within

    • VP of industrial espionage?

    • Does he have a parrot, or is that secret too?

      • that man has everything he’s ever wanted

  3. haha

    • How do you keep changing your name?

      • I can’t decide…..

      • No idea ;)

      • lol, i see what you’ve done there ‘TheDeathAvenger’ :P

  4. What a plonker, surley thats grounds for gross misconduct ;)

  5. Kevin Butler looks just like an Actor who played a bit part in ARMAGEDDON

  6. omg! thats shocking, didnt see that coming!

  7. Anyone wanting to find out the code could do so easily, at least this way we get to have a laugh about it.

    • If you read the fourth, two hundred and ninety ninth and fifty fifth character in each post from TSA today, completely by chance you wil arrive at the PS3 Jailbreak code – who needs hours hacking, eh George?

  8. lol

  9. haha nice, KB is a legend though :D

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